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Is a professional production and development of UV universal flatbed printer factory enterprises, the company is located in Shenzhen Baoan Airport near Fuyong Street Jiuyang Industrial Park, convenient transportation, the company strictly controlled the implementation of the militarization of the management system, adhere to every A UV printer to the development of post-sale responsibility to people. Any one of the intermediate links brought uv flat panel printer quality problems, can be accurate to the specific staff, the company mainly produces Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printer, Ricoh UV flat panel printer, mobile phone shell printer, backdrop printer model is divided into AS -1610, AS-2513, AS-2030 three commonly used size. And provide long-term special models R & D fixture production custom UV printer models. Olsen excellence in 2010, now has research and development, electronics, production and other eight departments, is a standardized modern production enterprises. Companies focus on people-oriented, technology as the core, quality assurance, in good faith for the concept of operating principles, and comprehensively into the UV digital printer industry, the company successfully launched in 2010 AS-2513 series of products, this series of equipment to "universal" The main use of 1.3 m * 2.5 m standard titanium alloy oxidation platform, import industrial grade Ricoh G5 nozzle, together with the import of environmentally friendly UV ink, equipped with imported LED curing lamp, imported servo motor, greatly improving the stability of the machine and Life, but also virtually reduce the invisible cost. In addition, 10 cm of the height of the spray car is more suitable for professional processing and printing materials, rails and steel beams also strive for perfection and stability, making the jet car in the printing process, to achieve both precision and speed. In ensuring the perfect print color at the same time, the speed is amazing. This series of products once launched, immediately get the attention of various industries, but also by the user's highly recognized. After five years the company according to uv flatbed printer market life expectancy and accuracy of the nozzle, developed a leading domestic technology, nozzle long life, high precision Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printer. Toshiba nozzle flat-panel machine relative to some of the high degree of color reduction, high color and high precision customers have a hard demand.

The application of UV flatbed printer in Shenzhen Olsen technology gives users the opportunity to make timely adjustments in accordance with market changes and successfully apply and profit in glass, flooring, decoration, gift, packaging, printing, advertising and other industries. maximize. In addition, it can perfectly fit and meet the customer's personalized needs.

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