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Choose a small format 6090UV printer to choose Toshiba nozzle or Epson nozzle

Depth to explain the 6090 small format printer for the nozzle configuration, we buy 6090 format small UV flatbed printer is mainly to consider the application of two points, the first applied to the processing of small batch advertising signs, the second is the cylinder arc Face printing, generally the amount is not particularly large but mainly considering accuracy. At present, there are 6090-format small-sized printers on the market, and the price is from the cheapest 30,000 or so to the exquisite workmanship of about 70,000 industrial nozzles. Why is the difference between the UV printers that print the same format is twice as much? The main reasons for the analysis of Shenzhen Toshiba uv flatbed printer manufacturers are as follows:

1. The difference between the nozzles, currently there are three types of nozzles on the market 6090 Epson XP600 Toshiba CE4 Ricoh GH2220 These three nozzles XP600 nozzles are the cheapest, then the 600 nozzle configuration is definitely low price. The price of the Toshiba nozzle is the same as that of the Toshiba nozzle configuration.
2. The difference between the board software and the software used in the 6090UV printers of the three nozzles is different. The price of the motherboard used in the XP600 nozzle is about 2000, and the price of the motherboard of the Toshiba nozzle is 8000 yuan. It is the Toshiba nozzle. Developed board and software, Ricoh GH2220 board in 5000 sets. From the comparison of the boards and software of the three types of nozzles, it can be seen that the cost of the board is several times different.

3. The difference between UV printer workmanship and configuration quality. First of all, the difference between XP600 nozzle and Toshiba or Xiaoliguang nozzle is very large. For example, the thickness of the sheet metal of UV printer is working, like the seller in the market is about 30,000 yuan. The thickness is about 3 mm, which is very thin. The UV printer measures the X-axis moving bearing beam of the machine head. The load pressure is relatively large. If the special aluminum profile beam is not used, it will cause long-term motion deformation. The printing effect is blurred and the positioning is not accurate. On the market, the XP600 nozzle UV printer is at the price of the beam. The beam is basically bent with a 3 mm thick iron sheet, and then a guide rail is punched in the iron sheet, without any precision. And our Toshiba nozzle 6090 sheet metal thickness is 6 mm thick sheet metal, if it is the machine base frame part is 10mm thickness stainless steel oxidation through the gantry wash integrated steel frame, with the market industrial large UV printer 2513 The same process. In addition to the sheet metal part of the nozzle, in order to save costs, the XP600 basically uses a 5 mm thick metal engraving machine to directly sculpt the nozzle base. This will cause the first without any precision. When the second car is in motion, the thickness of the base of the mounting nozzle is not enough, causing the sway, which will directly affect the printing effect. The Toshiba nozzle 6090UV printer nozzle base is the same as the 2513 machine. The 10 mm thick titanium alloy is carved out by CNC, and after oxidation treatment, the precision and hardness are very high, basically achieving permanent deformation. In addition, to say the difference between the platform, XP600's cheap UV printers all know that basically use glass platform, and some even have not tempered glass, and Toshiba nozzle 6090UV printer platform is the same as large-format industrial machine suction platform After special hardness treatment, it is very scratch-resistant. At the same time, the platform also has the suction function to adsorb the printed material on the platform to prevent movement during printing. In addition, the structure is equipped with accessories, cheap XP600 nozzle UV printer and Toshiba nozzle UV printer in the accessories. The cost of selection is also very different. The cheap 6090 generally uses the belt as the transmission mode for the Y-axis transmission, and the drive motor uses the domestic stepping motor. The domestic stepping motor will cause serious loss of steps due to the closed-loop problem. Toshiba UV6090 adopts double-lead silver screw double-conductor as the transmission mode. It adopts Japan Fuji servo motor drive, with higher precision and smaller error, which can basically be neglected and not calculated. In the aspect of curing lamps, the cheap 6090UV printer adopts a single lamp or even air-cooled curing method, which will cause the life of the first lamp to be too short, and the second one has only a single lamp, and the curing effect is not good. Part of the pattern is about 3 cm hard to cure, which will result in a print width of only 60 cm for the 60 cm print format. Toshiba UV6090 printer adopts double-lamp water-cooled air-cooling double curing and cooling method. The life of the lamp is extended and the curing effect is good. The width of the lamp is wide, and the power of the lamp can be adjusted.

4. Structural design differences, some of the cheaper 6090 uses a desktop design, the platform moves up and down. This can save part of the cost of sheet metal, as well as platform lifting and lower cost, and our Toshiba 6090 adopts vertical design to facilitate the transportation and movement of UV printers. It adopts head lift head movement for lifting, which is more stable and more precise. The operation is more convenient.

The above is just a simple and simple description of why Shenzhen Toshiba UV flatbed printer manufacturers have different prices for small 6090UV printers. Of course, it is equally applicable to large format industrial machines 2513 and 2030. Therefore, the purchase of a small format 6090UV printer, of course, Toshiba nozzle is good, the nozzle is durable and has a warranty, the printer is industrially stable, and the cheap 30,000 6090 buy back is basically a pile of scrap iron. For more details, please contact Toshiba UV Printer Liu Sheng 13691790915 (WeChat)

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