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A set of billboards box | | panel | | luminous word identification guide to five big function in the integration of new technology - coloured cubic 3 d lights show the process is not only good visual effects, application is very extensive, and the cost is low.
The basic process principle is the designer configuration design respectively different graphic elements to figure A figure (front) and B (behind), by the back lighting, made by clever confluence, before and after, in turn, produce luminous characters per figure, material, 3 d, the space-time change unique visual effects, such as for designers develop vast creative space, improved product value, the application prospect of wide!
Application plan 1

We can achieve 3D visual effect by replacing the canvas with a new canvas.
During the day
In the evening
Application plan 2

A ready-made billboard with a power supply condition
1. Fixed lab-aluminium profile frame (both of which can be found)
2. Built-in LED waterproof light source, and waterproof power source (product is extremely mature)
3. The 3D visual effect can be achieved by mounting the color cube canvas
During the day
In the evening
▶ coloured cubic 3 d canvas more applications show (click to enlarge)
Explanation: the following cases are used from left to right:
1. It is not light during the day, and the screen is normal.
2. During the day, the theme of the light-transmitting area is highly concentrated, and it is naturally associated with the main back layer.
The 3D visual effect of luminescence map;
Good advertising and reduce light pollution;
3. In the evening or outside, the light is dimmed and the picture is only transparent.
Luminescent and luminescent images are reflected in each other's eyes.
Light box billboards:
Panel class:
Decoration class:
Identify the guide type:
▶ coloured cubic 3 d glass lighting applications show (click to enlarge)
The glass image part is processed through special process, and its outdoor use is waterproof and the weather resistance meets the engineering requirement.
▶ coloured cubic 3 d lighting related products
1. To make finished products of 260yuan/ping
4-6cm aluminum profile + color cube 3D canvas + light source = finished product
2. For the color cube 3D canvas 80 yuan/flat, and 10 yuan/ping at the hem
Iii. Color cubic 3D optical effect art glass (steel specification 5mm)
290 yuan/ping, power/light source (less than 0.5 level)
Sample order
5cm thick aluminum profile + color cube canvas + light source = finished product
60*90cm 150 yuan / 76*115cm 260 yuan/one
Color cubic 3D light - effect toughened glass + light source + related fixings

60*90cm 280 yuan/set

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