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Wedding wine wedding banquet wine bottle UV custom printing wine bottle printing machine wine bottle printer 9060UV cylindrical flatbed machine

In the application of the small UV printer 9060, there is nothing wrong with the Toshiba print head 9060UV printer for wine bottle color printing wine box customization, which can realize that the wine bottle and the high wine box packaging can be printed. The small industrial machine 9060 is in abrasion test and after the test is completed Pack another one and send another Tianjin. 9060 industrial Toshiba head configuration, noble in the small flat panel, large format and some functional configurations are all available, the upper and lower split structure is suitable for handling, the platform is multi-layered and heightened, and the cylindrical printing fixture can be hidden inside the platform and pushed away The printing cylinder is closed on the printing plane, and at the same time, ultra-thick and low-quality printing is realized.

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