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Where are the materials for making crystal label UV transfer stickers? How to print crystal labels on small UV printers for crystal AB film manufacturers

Recently, many friends have asked me how to print the popular crystal labels on the Internet and what is the crystal label process. Can my existing small UV printer 6090 make crystal label UV transfer stickers, or I need to purchase a 9060uv printer to pass it. The print head prints photosensitive glue to realize crystal mark production and many other problems. . . 

Today, Manager Liu from Dayou Smart brings you the most comprehensive answer on the crystal label production process in the whole network. Of course, if you find my explanation and answer helpful, you can buy a crystal film with me or use a 6090 small UV printer to make UV transfer sticker crystals. Mark.

One. How many crafts are there for making crystal labels?

Answer: There are two processes. UV transfer stickers are also called crystal labels. There are two processes to make. With the continuous research and development in the market, from the beginning, UV photosensitive glue is printed on the release film through the UV printer nozzle, and then through 75- About 120 degrees, the laminating machine attaches the transfer film to the surface to realize the production of crystal labels. This early process has many disadvantages and high costs. The cost of glue, the cost of release film and transfer paper, and the cost of UV printer nozzle damage, etc. .

Today, our crystal labels are made with a brand new technology, which is divided into two types of films. A film is equipped with photosensitive glue. Only an ordinary UV printer with spray color and white ink can make the crystal labels and print the pictures on On the A film, heat the B film on the A film by a laminating machine, sandwich the pattern in the middle, and cut it out. When using, tear off the A film to achieve where you want to paste. Easily realize the production of crystal labels with low cost and good adhesion, no need to update equipment, just need to change us or buy crystal film on the market, of course, you have to have a small format UV flatbed printer.

two. Where can I buy the consumable transfer film made by crystal label? What equipment is needed to complete?

Answer: The main consumables for crystal labeling are crystal film, which is divided into two types of film, one is the printing surface and the other is the film-coated surface. The special B-side is heated to realize the film sticking to the pattern after UV printing, thereby achieving tear After the A film is dropped, the pattern remains on the B film, and then easily affixed to various materials. The production of crystal labels requires a small UV printer, color white varnish configuration, and a laminating machine with heating function. Crystal film (special) is needed to start the crystal label UV transfer sticker production program.

three. Where is the crystal label suitable for pasting on the material surface?

Answer: The crystal label is suitable for metal, glass, ceramic tiles, various packaging boxes, handbags, bottles, leather, regular materials and cylindrical, irregular digital products, etc., which can achieve good adhesion.

Four: Crystal label transfer film crystal film release film where to buy transfer paper? Crystal mark production process equipment manufacturer?

Answer: Please contact Manager Liu of Dayou Smart on WeChat:szuvprinter
WhatsApp:+86 13691780915

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