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Is the ab film process mature for making crystal labels? UV cultural sticker production method, small crystal label 6090 printer

Crystal label description-craft + price

When Manager Liu, the editor of Dayou Smart 9060UV printer manufacturer, wrote this article, the crystal label has been hot for a month. Of course, the craftsmanship is mainly divided into direct injection glue and ab film technology. The production of crystal label is direct injection photosensitive. I don’t recommend the glue here, because the direct spray glue is very lossy to the print head. I mainly recommend the AB film process here, and the UV printing ab film process has also been reduced from the previous price of a3 size film of 10 yuan to Now the price of a film is around 3 yuan.

The crystal label culture paste UV transfer paste UV printer ab film process is mainly divided into three steps. First, UV printing, printing various logo patterns on a3 size release paper with glue, it is recommended to use neutral ink and white color varnish for synchronization Print. Second, laminating, put the a3 release film of the printer on the laminating machine, and adjust the matching B film at a temperature of about 68 degrees to cover the pattern surface. Third, application. Speaking of application, it is to tear off the white release paper with glue. At this time, there is glue under the pattern logo, which can be pasted on any material surface.

The craftsmanship and application of the crystal mark are summarized as follows:

Crystal mark production process

Crystal label, also known as UV transfer sticker, is suitable for printing on varnish UV machines;

The crystal is divided into A and B films. Print A film first;

Fix the paved film A on the flat board with tape, so as not to lift the edge to prevent the print head of the printer from being scratched;

After printing A film, cover B film and cut. First tear off the A film base film and stick it on the surface of the object, and then tear off the B film to complete the production;

The crystal label has the advantages of tearing film and leaving pictures and texts. In addition to good pattern effects, it also has good scratch resistance, weather resistance, easy sticking, environmental protection, good 3D texture, waterproof and wear resistance, colorful colors, and a wide range of use.
Crystal label application requirements for pasting materials

Crystal labels can fit perfectly except clothes, other materials, such as glass, ceramic tiles, metal, acrylic, pvc, paper packaging, etc.

The production price of the crystal mark?

The specification of crystal label A film is A3 size, and the B film is about 31 cm in a roll of 100 meters. Consult us for material prices and retail prices after production, which will give you unexpected surprises.

Which industries does the crystal label apply to?

The industry with the largest use of crystal labels should be the packaging and gift industry and the popularization of corporate logos of various companies. Secondly, crystal labels can be used for personal product stickers of household water cups.

Crystal standard material explanation

The crystal label is a kind of transparent adhesive material, it can also be said to be a cold laminating film, a cold transfer film that can be pasted on any material.

The crystal label is also called transparent AB film or PET crystal film. It is made of a transparent polymer material with its own adhesive. The crystal film has three layers, which are a thin protective film on the surface, a crystal film in the middle, and a transparent film. Backing paper composition.
Which crystal label printer is better?
Crystal label printer here I recommend this Epson XP600 head 6090, it is possible to use three nozzles configuration, four colors plus white and varnish synchronous printing, the printed crystal mark is crystal clear and translucent, our 6090 uses automatic ink extraction, Equipped with negative pressure function, the platform can be raised and lowered 30CM to print crystal marks and other heightened and thickened materials. The following is an Epson XP600 head 6090UV printer
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