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How does the Toshiba nozzle UV printer print a cylinder?

How does the Toshiba UV printer print a cylinder? Toshiba 9060 flatbed printer cylinder printing effect, printing on the cylinder works, Toshiba UV flatbed printer application has been transferred from the plane to the cylinder, then how to operate it, take our factory's current 9060 printer It is equipped with a cylindrical rotating shaft, which can be placed on the platform. The rotating shaft needs an external motor to drive through the synchronous wheel belt. In addition, a driver needs to be connected. The working principle is through software switching control. When the software switches to the roller printing function, The width of the nozzle is about 15%. After the software is set to a good distance, the nozzle of the Toshiba 9060UV flatbed printer will move to the appropriate position. When the Toshiba UV printer switches the drum station, the software will shield the plane printing Y-axis movement to realize the printer Y-axis. The rotation of the rotary shaft is realized on the motor that does not move the signal back and forth to the drum. Then we can achieve the cylindrical printing function by placing the cylindrical bottle on the rotating shaft.

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