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In order to meet the market demand, the big friend intelligently launched the Toshiba 9060C cylindrical flatbed printing machine

Toshiba nozzle 9060C launched the market application cylinder stereo printing want to compare the traditional Epson nozzle cylinder stereo printing advantages:

Xiaobian first talked about why Epson nozzle printing cylinders do more manufacturers, in fact, mainly cost problems, first Epson nozzles are cheap, and secondly because the printing cylinder nozzle has a small contact area with the cylinder surface, so the Epson nozzle itself prints small size, Therefore, Epson nozzle printing cylinders are more, the disadvantage is that because Epson nozzle printing plate material itself has a short life of the nozzle, then the printing cylinder will cause the life of the nozzle to be short, because the light of the surface of the general cylindrical material reflects the LED light is relatively strong, so The nozzle life is relatively short.

Let's talk about the advantages of Toshiba nozzle printing cylinder. Firstly, Toshiba nozzle is the most stable industrial nozzle. The average life span is more than 5 years. It is the most suitable solution for UV stereo printing on cylindrical plates. Firstly, Toshiba nozzles do not have frequent plugging nozzles. One said that the application of printing on the cylinder can be a longer life of the nozzle, and secondly, the cylinder printing itself is slower than the ordinary plane printing speed. If the Toshiba nozzle is used, the printing speed will be faster and the production effect can be improved.

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