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UV ink saves digital printing machine for environmental protection

Recently, the environmental protection requirements of printing and dyeing industry have become more and more stringent. Many manufacturers that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection have been asked to shut down production. In the future, the focus of UV printing machines will focus on environmental protection.
In addition to the manufacturer's performance improvement on UV printing machine, you can also use the printing machine to save the ink and reduce waste to add tile to the environment.
Try to focus on digital UV tablet printers
Every startup time, UV printing machine cleaning the print heads and initialize printers, ink, ink delivery system the process was to compare cost of ink, so do not frequent start the UV printing machine.
If you need to print a lot of things, it is recommended that you focus on the printing of the things you need to print to the UV printer, which can save ink and improve your work efficiency.
Clean the shower head properly
Now many UV printing machines provide the automatic cleaning function of sprinkler head, and can be operated directly from the control panel, simple and fast.
Nozzle automatic cleaning function can very good protection nozzle and ensure the quality of the print, but need to reasonable use, do not rely too much on automatic cleaning function, when the nozzle serious jam, automatic cleaning invalid, advice manual cleaning, avoid the audacity of waste a lot of ink.
The cleaning nozzle should pay attention to the following points
A, do not use sharp items to clean the shower head, do not impact the nozzle, do not use hand contact nozzle.
B. Do not disassemble, install sprinkler head, do not use hand or other objects to contact the electrical contact on the nozzle.
C. Cannot unload the nozzle from the UV printer and place the nozzle in a dusty place.
Don't change the cartridge immediately
Digital UV flat-panel printers by induction sensor detection equipment ink cartridges, as long as the sensor to detect one of the color of water less than the value of the UV printer internal set, then prompt replacement cartridges, at this time, we can remove the ink cartridge to reset the UV printer internal sensors, so as to determine the install the new cartridges.
Suitable UV printer mode,
UV printers print mode of the cost of the ink is different, the UV printing ink to print cost is directly proportional to the quality and resolution, so the UV printer in daily work, not simply the pursuit of high resolution, but according to actual situation to choose suitable UV printer model, for some material is not important, can completely adopts the model of provincial ink printing.
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