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Uv plate printer maintenance manual complete.

Uv plate printer maintenance manual complete.
The maintenance manual of the uv plate printer maintenance manual the maintenance manual of the large uv plate printer is not one day, but every moment. This kind of large machine has complex internal structure and various functions and needs more maintenance. The author has arranged the maintenance methods of the various use stages of the uv tablet printer, so as to facilitate the better use of the customers, so as to prolong the working life of the machine and reduce the failure.
Uv tablet printer maintenance project before starting up.
1. Remove the nozzle protection disk;
2. Clean the sprinkler head, roller and printing platform to clean the dirt on the conveyor belt;
3. Check whether the amount of ink is enough;
4. Turn on power, computer and machine in turn;
5. Pull out the emergency stop button;
6. Check whether the parts box system of the UV tablet printer is working properly;
7. Flash protection;
8. Keep the indoor temperature around 240C, and the humidity is about 55%;
Maintain the project in machine work.
1. When the locomotive is not in motion, it can feel the heating plate temperature is suitable.
2. If there is a strange sound and odor when printing, please stop the operation of the UV plate printer and troubleshoot.
Equipment stop maintenance project.
1. Close the emergency stop button;
2. Clean and keep the sprinkler head dry;
3. Clean ink cartridges;
4. Clean the fuselage of UV printer;
Uv plate printer daily maintenance project.
1. Brush the small pressure wheel of the UV plate printer;
2. Cleaning waste liquid;
Uv plate printer weekly maintenance program.
1. Remove the nozzle cover plate and thoroughly scrub the underside of the cover plate;
2. Reinstall the liquid level sensor plug-in;
3. Lubricate and maintain the lubricant on the guide rail;
Uv plate printer monthly maintenance plan.
1. Clean or replace the ink filter and clean the entire ink supply system;
2. Clean the power box and electric control board, and do not use water;
3. Confirm the screw and power supply of the UV plate printer again;
4. Clean up the computer garbage and carry out anti-virus;
5. Ensure the normal operation of cooling fan and motor;
Uv plate printer quarterly maintenance plan.
1. Check whether the heater can be preheated, dried and heated properly;
2. Make UV tablet printer clean all over the body, including power box and drive, and dust off;
3. Clean or replace ink filters;
Annual maintenance plan of uv plate printer.
1. Keep the horizontal condition of locomotive guide rail and printing surface;
2. Check the power cable, cable and screw of the universal printer to see whether the installation is normal and normal.
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