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Epson is always pumping ink all the time?? Easy to block sprinkler head?

Epson is always pumping ink all the time?? Easy to block sprinkler head?
There are a lot of friends with epson machine, but time has been used for a long time to find that the nozzle is becoming more and more blocked, every time the printing test is broken many roots, what is the reason?
Actually there is a very important and very small thing to forget, is the ink pad!
Pumping ink pad in the course of everyday use are residual ink on it, if it is not clear in time the ink will be frozen, after a long period of time will be reduced the volume of ink absorption or only in a small area of ink absorption, other parts for ink solidification blocking cannot have the effect of ink absorption, pumping ink pad the open part cannot effective residual ink in the nozzle, the ink in the shower in a few days will be solidified, when you find the nozzle has been closed, so don't underestimate the role of pumping ink pad!!!!!!
Normally after we use the smoke ink pad must use industrial alcohol, so you can keep pumping ink pad panel is clean, the ink will not frozen, if do not use alcohol to clean up after daily pumping ink residual ink, pumping ink pad can be used for 15 days or so! Remember, for your sprinkler, please carefully maintain your smoke pad and keep the nozzle flowing smoothly every day.

If you find that the ink pad has been blocked, please replace it immediately, or your shower head will be broken in 5 days, and your shower head will be blocked in ten days!!!

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