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Authentic Epson East Week UV ink and high imitation Epson East Week UV ink difference

Let me talk about the most important difference between the original authentic Eastern Zhou UV ink and the high imitation Dong Zhou UV ink. The two inks are not much different from the appearance of the packaging. They are ink packaging products developed by using one-to-one design molds. Let’s take a look at the two packages.

The above is a genuine East Zhou ink, you can see that the label is clearly detailed and the bottle has a strong texture. If you take it with your hand, it is better.

This is a high imitation Dong Zhou UV ink can be seen that the label is not the same simple font, the ink bottle texture is less

The two original inks of Dongfang UV ink are imported directly from Taiwan. The ink batch is stable and the raw materials are stable. The imported ink manufacturers are more advanced in grinding and more rigorous testing. The high imitation Dongzhou UV ink is imported ink in the domestic small ink. The factory processed, first of all, the ink raw material is unstable, which causes a large color difference. Secondly, the process and the grinding machine are not advanced. The ink particles are relatively thick and the nozzle is not used for a long time.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that Toshiba UV flatbed printer nozzles are as expensive as gold, and it is better to use the original imported Dongfang UV ink provided by the manufacturer.

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