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How to choose the small UV flatbed printer Epson 6090 and Toshiba nozzle 9060

Epson XP600 head 6090 flatbed printer is the most cost-effective flatbed industrial configuration Epson price

The above is the introduction and pictures of Epson 6090 small UV printer

This is a picture of Toshiba 9060

Due to the recent consultation with 6090 small format uv tablet machine customers. In the small format, we have two models: Epson head 6090 and Toshiba industrial head 9060. How to choose these two? See the introduction below to choose worry-free. Two popular small uv printers, help everyone who wants to buy small uv printers, analyze how to choose between Epson heads and industrial Toshiba heads, small UV flatbed printers to choose, and tell you about our Epson head 6090 and Toshiba How to choose the first 9060, what is the difference? First, the speed difference, the Epson print head is slow, the speed of the 6090 is 4 square hours an hour, and the Toshiba 9060 uses industrial Toshiba nozzles, with a large number of nozzles and long lengths, and the principle of inkjet is different, so the speed is faster. The hour is about 12 square meters. Second, the lifespan of the nozzle is different. The Epson aperture 3.5PL nozzle is non-industrial design all-steel structure, so the corrosion resistance of UV ink is weak, and the life is one year. It needs to be replaced. The material is highly resistant to UV ink corrosion and has a life expectancy of more than 5 years. Third, the overall stability of the whole machine is different. After all, Epson 6090 is mainly focused on cost performance and price advantages. Therefore, any machine in the industry is designed for non-industrial frame structure, such as rail single track, Y axis is not driven by double screw, not servo Motor, many of the platforms are glass without suction function, the frame beams are iron without gantry washing, our family Epson 6090 uses a rigid suction platform, the beams are also aluminum gantry washed, rack All of them have been washed in the frame, automatic height measurement, white ink stirring, automatic moisturizing system, etc., and the Toshiba 9060 machine is 100% industrial structure design, and the Toshiba 9060 on large high-end uv machines also has negative pressure ink supply , Automatic height measurement, integrated thickened steel frame, thickened crossbeam thickened steel beam, Y-axis double screw, etc., so from the structural design and materials used, Toshiba 9060 is compared to Epson 6090. It must be more stable and better, but the price will definitely be higher. Fourth, the difference in accuracy. Many customers think that the accuracy of the Toshiba 9060 is definitely higher than the accuracy of the Epson 6090. This is not the case. The physical accuracy of the Epson 6090 nozzle will be higher, and the rack accuracy of the Toshiba 9060 will be higher, so as long as the Epson head cooperates High-precision (like Epson ’s high-precision workmanship because of washing), the rack will have very high accuracy, and the No. 2 word printing is no problem. In summary, if you want precision, speed, stability and durability, you can go directly to the Toshiba 9060 in one step if the funds allow. If you do n’t need precision for speed, the main personality is customized color printing, and you want to invest less in the early stage, then first Epson 6090 is rich in color, accurate, stable and durable. As for the materials that can be printed by the two small uv printers, the application is the same. The signage medal mobile phone shell crafts box pvc and so on can be printed. For more introductions of Toshiba uv flatbed printers, please contact Manager Liu WeChat:szuvprinter
WhatsApp:+86 13691780915

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