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How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of UV ink? Cost-effective choice

UV ink is very sensitive to UV light, the highest can reach 25%, if continue to exposed to UV light, for behind you should also know something about the problem, another is the question of how much ink impurity, the smell of the plug, UV ink problem
This point should be improved fundamentally to have certain difficulty, from residual solvents to analyze UV ink.
Under normal circumstances, so the long-term development and environmental protection of UV ink is adverse, mainly is a question of cost and choose the right material, but a lot of suppliers to reduce the cost of UV ink, UV ink cost problem
Believe it! It's also about ink. The price alone is less than double or higher, the light oil and other compatibility is good, besides the color is full, on the other hand and the coating, and the outdoor storage time is long.
UV ink is a solvent, fast drying, gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance, good wear resistant ink. Uv ink refers to Uv irradiation, using ultraviolet light of different wavelength and energy to make the monomer of ink connection material polymerized into polymer, making ink film and drying ink. The quality of the ink is determined from the following two aspects.
Observe ink color
When purchasing UV ink, "look up the color". UV ink is sensitive to UV light, after construction of UV ink if exposed to UV light (such as sunlight and fluorescent lamp), UV ink will continue to reaction and become yellow, this is UV ink itself defects. For conventional UV ink, it is not possible to improve fundamentally at present, but the degree of UV ink yellowing of different suppliers is different, except for specific non-yellowing or ultra-white UV ink.
For UV inks, ink color, the main reason is the problem of ink. Some of ink, paint, such as light blue, blue is a kind of acidic lake pigments, triphenylmethane dye with organic dye on the extender pigment such as aluminum hydroxide, the formation of insoluble in water of pigment paint, low prices, color is bright, but the light fastness, solvent resistance and alkali resistance is poor, alcohols, such as solvent or meet the alkali, the red phase are easily dissolved, weaken or disappear. These pigments, such as used in the books and periodicals printing ink (printing surface after polishing processing) no longer is possible, but if used in color box printing ink, is very dangerous, because most of the color box is processed. The detection method is to drop a drop of bottom oil and ink on the surface of the ink, and after 1 hour, it is obvious that the ink will change color.
Resolution ink flavor
Argue when we are looking for in the printing ink we have "taste" evaluation of the UV ink smell, there are two indicators, one is in the process of construction, its main source is the residual solvents in the UV printing ink, under normal circumstances, residual solvent content is below 2%, a lot of suppliers to reduce the cost of UV ink, add a large amount of solvent, such as alcohol and toluene, the highest can reach 25%, so the long-term development of UV ink and environmental protection are unfavorable.
Evaluation of UV ink smell after construction is another index of UV ink residues smell, placed after the general long still cannot disappear, its main source is improper UV ink selection, use some smell is bigger but cheap chemicals, it will fundamentally improve has the certain difficulty, mainly is a question of cost and choose the right material.
A more important point is to purchase UV ink price, the purchase of UV ink price from the ink brand and price to evaluate. Nowadays, many ink multi-level suppliers are mixed, it is not possible to buy high price products, or ink products are not authentic. While we are purchasing UV ink, we should also consider the transportation cost. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reasonable and reliable supplier of ink.
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