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The difference between the poor and the rich!

The difference between the poor and the rich:
When the poor come home, it is usually a large family gathering to eat and drink, watch TV, and nothing more. Every year.
2, the rich home, look at what people did: a family meeting (good) on the tall, content what is the annual summary, planning, emotional, and personal growth plan in the coming year, such a family, can not thrive?
3, poor woman, during the Spring Festival, the woman will teach the child to see the elders to say: "congratulations!" The following sentence is what, everyone should know, is "hongbao get"! The subconscious is hoping to get lucky money. Over time, children are instilled with the mentality of begging!
4, rich woman, at home before the Chinese New Year will warn a kid: "baby, go home after we home to send red packets to others, but you can't be elder New Year's money oh, mom will compensate for you!" In the long run, the child is in the blood of the noble temperament!
5, poor man, coming home for the New Year is two things: drinking to the dark, playing CARDS to the day and night.
The rich man, even if the time is very short, will go to visit the old man in the village, take a little tonic, and the old man will be grateful. Then there are people who need to be thankful, and people who are thankful are not so bad.
7, poor people at home, playing CARDS! Playing CARDS! Playing CARDS! From twenty eight to eight, some people even went to yuanxiao, until they could not get a table, they were reluctant to go back to the city.
8, the rich at home, the worship of the year after worship, generally is returned to the city, and then to lead happy New Year, some go to play golf, to talk about next year's plan, such as preparing with which a disc and so on.
When poor people get together, they often ask each other what they do. What's the salary? How much did you save? If you make a lot of money, you'll have to eat or drink or karaoke or something like that, so you start to pack it up and you get poorer and poorer.
When the rich get together, they often ask each other how much they owe the bank. They pay more than they owe, because they pay more attention to investment than they do to their money.
The poor are poor and the rich are rich because they differ greatly in their self-perception, social circle, and leisure.
1. Self-awareness
The poor: the status quo, very little thought about how to make money and how to make money.
Rich man: always be restless, have a heart that does not want to be poor, will try every means to make oneself rich.
2. Interpersonal circle
Poor man: birds of a feather flock together. The poor are mostly poor, and over time, the mind becomes the thinking of the poor.
Rich people: they will make friends who will help themselves and improve their abilities.
3, passion
Poor people: it's hard to make a big mistake and never do the best thing you can do without passion.
Rich people: passion in doing things, strong in relationships.
4. Leisure
Poor man: watching TV at home will make you happy or sad for a story.
Rich people: running the market, or playing golf, there is always a project contract.
5, time,
Poor people: they will spend a lot of money to buy a kilo of Chinese cabbage, but not to waste a day and heartache, this is the typical poor thinking.
The rich: the play of the rich is also a way of working, with a purpose. Idle in body, thought never idle.
6, confident
The poor: the poor can bring confidence through physical appearance, often not from the heart and nature.
Rich man: in the face of all kinds of things, there is a kind of rich people's unique confidence from the heart, will not be influenced by external forces.

There is a saying, "I would rather be a poor man in the rich world than a rich man." There is a certain truth that we should learn the thinking of the rich.



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