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22/5000 Uv plate printer company from "price war" to brand competition machine.

As an important branch of digital printing industry, the domestic uv plate printer industry has developed over the years and is becoming more and more intelligent. However, in its development accelerated pace at the same time, domestic problems facing the uv flat-panel printers industry also more and more obvious, such as machine quality good and evil people mixed up, frequent price war, lack of brand and so on, these unfavorable factors seriously hindered the healthy development of industry.
In 2017, the "price war" of the uv plate printer industry has brought great pressure on the cash flow of many enterprises, and some small companies and manufacturers are facing bankruptcy due to the breakage of the capital chain. In 2018, some people in the industry pointed out that the domestic uv plate printer industry will face a major reshuffle, and the future of the uv tablet printer will be more obvious. Brand competition has become the focus of many domestic enterprises.
Quality is fundamental
In view of the "blowout" development of the uv plate printer in the past ten years, there has been a serious structural surplus in the uv plate printer industry in China, namely, the surplus of the middle and low grade homogeneity products. Since last year's price reduction storm has swept across the industry, it has sparked a massive price war. Frequent price wars not only severely compress the profit margins of these uv tablet printers, but also affect the quality of the products. Some enterprises to reduce cost, at the expense of the quality of products and services, leading to a large number of inferior products flooding the market, this not only harm the interests of consumers, more disturbed the order of uv flat-panel printer industry, overdraw the uv flat-panel printer industry future development potential and profit space.
Therefore, uv flat-panel printers enterprises to achieve real fast and healthy development of the root lies in the enterprise's own technology innovation, the development of more competitive products market, form known brand of uv flat-panel printers, can really take market.

The brand is the direction
Quality is the root, brand is the direction. In a sense, China has entered the era of brand economy. In the field of uv tablet printers, brand influence can't be ignored.
Brand is the soft power of the enterprise, and is the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Brand is equivalent to the enterprise or business card, product has immeasurable potential value, need long time input and persistence can be established, is the aim of the enterprise living, is also the competitiveness of the enterprise sustainable development. Uv flat-panel printers enterprise should abandon previous spell at a low price blindly, the vicious competition survival mode, strengthen its own brand and technological innovation to improve enterprise's influence and comprehensive competitive power.
At present, the competition between uv flat-panel printers enterprise urgently needed from price competition to brand as the leading factor, to leading strategy, technology innovation, management refinement management on the basis of factors on the comprehensive advantages of competition. From "price war" to brand competition, uv flat-panel printers industry still has a long way to go, uv flat-panel printers enterprises in China to keep pace with The Times, increase the product technology research and development, it is very important to grasp core technology, improve product quality, brand construction, efforts to foster the uv flat-panel printers brand with independent intellectual property rights.
As one of the leading in the industry, shenzhen katsuhiro intelligence spray printing equipment co., LTD., shenzhen orson excellence technology co., LTD always adhere to high standards of machine quality and first-class service enterprises to get customer approval, refused to lower quality low price to grab the market, we believe that with the rapid development of industry, ebb tide, can survive and develop must be the brand has a strong core competitiveness of enterprises!
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