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Tempered glass shell painted with Toshiba nozzle or Ricoh nozzle is good

With the interest of the market, tempered glass shell is a kind of printing high-definition color pattern on the tempered glass film, and then affixed to the mobile phone shell with adhesive.

Market development trend
Development Trend 1: Print faster
The level of resolution and print speed seem to be a pair of natural “homesickness”. If the output resolution of the inkjet printer is set too high, the number of points to be printed on the same web will increase greatly, and the printing speed is naturally higher. Will be affected, how can we "have both fish and bear's paw"? For this reason, the new inkjet printers will use two-way printing technology and a method of increasing the number of nozzles for inkjet printers so that inkjet printers can increase the output speed of printers while maintaining a high output resolution.

Market development momentum
Trend two: higher resolution
Printers using thermal inkjet technology generally use a resolution of 600 as the resolution, and printers using piezoelectric technology generally use 720 multiples as the resolution. As people's requirements for printing color increase, The new inkjet printer will give a higher level of resolution for jetting, which indicates that the resolution of future inkjet printers will far exceed the resolution that humans can achieve when capturing details with their eyes. Marks the inkjet printer will be able to handle the color requirements, image details more complete image or photo printing requirements.
Market Development Trend III
Trend 3: More accurate ink drop control
The size of the ink droplets and the shape of the ink droplets have a great influence on the output quality of the ink jet printer. If the shape and size of the ink droplets on the printing paper cannot be accurately controlled, the print output effect will be reduced. The pursuit of high-definition, high fidelity users is absolutely intolerable. For this reason, the new high-end printers have made arduous efforts to research and explore how to accurately control the shape and size of ink droplets, and introduced emerging star nozzle technology to precisely control the shape and size of ink droplets so that images can be printed or Photo prints are more realistic and clear.
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