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How to make gold foil medals with UV printer? A UV printer that can print Sajin medals and signs?

Sand gold medals Sand silver medals with UV printer is now the mainstream of the latest technology to make medals and signs, completely replace the traditional screen printing plate color register and traditional purchase of gold foil paper sand gold paper in silk screen text, now you only need a 6090 three-head color white light Oil UV printer, image gallery, we will provide the image gallery with different patterns and textures. We will provide the template gallery for different templates. You only need to modify the text content in the CDR and you can directly output it for UV printing. We provide gold foil aluminum plate material, the cost is 2.5 yuan a piece, wooden drag We also provide the cost of 5 yuan, the cost of making the ordinary sand gold medal machine and the cost of materials are 9 yuan, the current market price of wholesale a medal is about 70 yuan. So the profit is still very good. Below are the medal samples and gallery files we made. You can also shoot technology and gallery separately. At present, there are mainly sand gold medals, pile gold medals, laser medals, fabric medals, drawing medals, etc.

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