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Hong Kong UV inkjet printer factory 6090 small UV printer Hong Kong sales company

Choose a small and stable uv printer. There is nothing wrong with choosing the 9060. The industrial design of the industrial nozzle has a small format. From the appearance positioning to the structure layout, there are three major changes from the first-generation 9060UV printer to the 9060 we are now shipping in batches. There are also more than 10 changes to the system material, as small as the button position, the color depth and the line switch layout. For each one, we must consider stability and durability, but also consider whether the staff is convenient in the assembly process, and also consider the needs of customers in use Whether it is convenient to replace the accessories after sale, has created today's 9060 this small industrial machine boutique. The design of the whole machine is rigorous, and the error control is rigorous. The selection of materials and materials have undergone three comparison tests.

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