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Toshiba print head 9060UV flatbed printer printer summer maintenance notes

1. Temperature control

In summer, the temperature is too high. In order to avoid affecting the use, it is recommended to control the indoor temperature. Although the Toshiba 9060 nozzle is a constant temperature nozzle with an independent thermostat to control the temperature of the nozzle, after all, the high ambient temperature has a certain impact on other printer ink paths and motherboards. The UV printer Toshiba 9060 should be placed in a cool place, backlit corners, to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. In order to guarantee the printing quality, the indoor printing temperature in summer should be controlled at about 28 degrees, the humidity is 60-80%. If the temperature is too hot, please cool down the workshop.

Second, power failure protection

When the UV printer is not working for a long time, you can choose to power off the protection to keep the printer in standby, so that the temperature will rise.

Three, print test

Every day after the Toshiba 9060UV printer is turned on, be sure to print the test strip, white ink circulation is turned on, check the nozzle status, the temperature is too high in summer, the ink is easy to volatilize, pay attention to moisturizing, press the ink regularly every day.

Fourth, ink preservation

UV ink is easy to fix when it encounters ultraviolet light, and it needs to be kept in a cool place. If it is exposed to high temperature for a long time, it will easily produce precipitation, which will block the nozzle. If you add new ink, you must shake the ink bottle.
Five, front dirt cleaning

You can clean the internal and external hygiene of the 9060UV printer in one week, especially the key parts such as the machine head and guide rails. It is important to keep clean.

Six, pay attention to maintaining the nozzle

The nozzle is the key to the 9060UV printer. The core component needs to press ink regularly every day. It is impossible for the UV printer to work because of the color. Under the irradiation of afterglow, it is the main reason that causes the nozzle to spray diagonally.

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