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Why Ricoh head UV flatbed printers have less life than Toshiba head UV flatbed printers

Customers who have wanted to know about 9060uv printers, in addition to being satisfied with our Toshiba UV flatbed printers' fast speed, high accuracy, strong stability, and high efficiency, also specifically asked the technicians for the scrap rate of 9060UV printer print samples. The reason is that if you print too many scraps, you can't make money, and sometimes it is more serious, you have to discount the cost yourself. Do not think that the finished product printed by 9060uv printer has a low chance of being scrapped. Do not understand that the proper operation is due to the problem of the machine itself. The cost of scrapping is also very high.

Why does Toshiba UV flatbed printer have products scrapped? There are three main factors that contribute to the rejection rate of printed matter.
First: its own hardware, second: the surrounding production environment, and third: supporting software systems.
1.Hardware issues
The hardware of a 9060uv printer contains every spare part of the machine and related consumables. The price of a good quality manufacturer will inevitably increase. Why is the price so high? A large number of manufacturers on the market advertise to customers for less than normal prices. For a single shipment, the customer cannot neglect the subsequent machine scrap for the sake of temporary consumption.
2. Surrounding production environment
Toshiba UV printers have made breakthroughs in the surrounding environment such as humidity and temperature, greatly improving the adaptability of the machine. In contrast, some poor UV flatbed printers even require dust-free space, which is not suitable for industrial production at all. When these three points are done well, the scrap rate of the product is naturally low. We have done long-term testing and customer response. The scrap rate of our printed products is less than 0.1%, which greatly reduces the Consumer losses.
Software system
How can a low-configuration computer run the win7 system perfectly. For the same reason, the software system allocated to customers by low-priced machines tends to be encrypted and lack of functions. It cannot guarantee subsequent upgrades of customers, and diversified needs have seriously damaged the good development of the UV flatbed printer industry. It also leaves a bad impression on customers.

UV flatbed printers produced by Dayou Intelligent can print various patterns on any material. Such as: wood, bamboo, stone, glass, leather, metal, crystal, signage, shells, fabrics, etc., direct printing and imaging, etc. are preferred. The scope involves personal products, glass sliding door UV, office supplies , Stationery signs, home improvement materials, flower fabrics, toys and gifts ... and dozens of other markets. The glass printing machine uses non-contact printing technology. Any multi-color pattern can be successfully printed at one time. The process is simple, no plate making, color registration and complicated drying procedures are required. It will not cause damage to the material. It is manual painting and screen printing. A technological innovation of technology, the pattern printed by the machine printed on glass is colorful, and has the advantages of waterproof, sun protection, abrasion resistance, and never fade. Suitable for processing: Particularly suitable for silk screen printing factory, toy factory, plastic products factory, hardware factory, iron printing factory, five glass products factory, crystal products factory, personalized gift shop, advertising production company, organic glass factory for customers to print products and make samples in batches And, with fast production speed and good image effect, it is well received by customers. It will win proofing time for factories, etc., take more orders, and quickly batch the products produced by printing plants. It has a wide range of use, and truly achieves the effect of printing and printing, with fast imaging speed and excellent image clarity.

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