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How to do the daily maintenance of industrial small flat Toshiba 9060UV flatbed printer

Now because of increasing market customization requirements, the 9060UV printer has powerful application functions, rich printing colors, and realistic results, and is not restricted by printing materials. It can be applied to metal, glass, wood, PVC, ABS, acrylic, plastic, stone, and leather. In all walks of life, UV printers are becoming more and more popular, and more and more employees are employed, but many people do not know how to properly use and maintain it. A UV printer is usually well maintained, and no major problems will occur in normal use for three or five years. Dayou Intelligent 9060 UV printer has reached 96 units when it was released on December 11, 2019. Behind such a large sales volume, customers are often explained one by one how to pay attention to the maintenance of the 9060UV printer's appearance and the internal circuit ink system maintenance. How should we use and maintain UV printers? Today I will share with you the experience of using and maintaining several UV flatbed printers.

1. To ensure the cleanliness of the 9060UV printer, customers who purchase the Toshiba 9060UV printer are basically divided into two types: one is that the Toshiba UV printer has not been used for a long time, but it has been used for several years, and does not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the Toshiba UV flatbed printer. From the exterior, the machine is dirty and messy, especially the waste ink cartridge part of the machine, it is difficult to see if it is not cleaned for a long time. In particular, the ink contains a large number of chemical components, which will volatile and jeopardize the print head if it is not cleaned for a long time. We must pay attention to this; another user who bought a UV printer has used the machine for several years and the new machine is not much different, and the appearance is clean Neat and dust-free, with no scratches on the fuselage and no visible old machine. In fact, after purchasing a UV printer, we can attach body stickers on the front of the fuselage and around the waste ink cartridges to keep the fuselage clean. The more the machine is generally used, the dirtier it is, and timely cleaning and maintenance are essential.

2. Toshiba 9060UV flatbed printer should clean up the dust particles on the surface of the machine in time before turning on the machine to prevent the dust from harming the nozzles and the machine. It is important to ensure that the working environment is clean and tidy to minimize dust pollution. Flat UV printer's working environment temperature is generally controlled at 18-30 ° C. When the temperature is too high or too low, the air conditioner must be turned on to adjust the temperature. Without air conditioning, there must be heating or dehumidifying equipment. The working environment humidity is generally 40. % -70% is appropriate. Temperature and humidity are very important for UV printers. At the same time, ventilation is required to ensure air flow.

3. The 9060UV printer must be on duty when printing pictures. If an emergency situation is encountered, the emergency stop switch of the machine must be pressed in time to prevent the machine from continuing to produce greater adverse consequences. There are many types of materials printed by UV printers and some soft materials. When printing, it is easy to bulge through the irradiation of UV light. This may cause the material to touch the nozzle and cause permanent damage to the nozzle, such as nozzle scratches, material blocking the nozzle holes, etc. Responsibility and experience are very important.

4. Every day before work, shut down the inkjet on the nozzle, then wipe the remaining ink on the surface of the nozzle with a special dust-free cloth, then print the state of the nozzle, and check whether the nozzle has broken ink. If there is, you need to repress the ink, and then wipe the surface of the print head again, and then check the print head status to see if there is any ink breakage problem, until there is no ink break, the status is OK.

5. There is also a sequence when the 9060UV printer is turned off. You should first close the control software, then turn off the drawing software, then turn off the computer, then turn off the machine, and then turn off all electrical equipment. Before closing the machine, remember to close the secondary ink cartridge valve. Otherwise, it may cause trouble and cause ink leakage.

6. Check the water level in the UV lamp cooling water tank once a week. When the water level is insufficient, add it to the designated liquid level in time to avoid damage due to insufficient heat dissipation of the UV lamp. In winter, users in the north must remember to add antifreeze to the water to ensure that the water in the water tank is in a liquid state, so as not to cause trouble or even damage the machine due to water freezing.

7, to ensure that the nozzle is in a wet state, because UV ink is volatile, long-term non-use will cause nozzle blockage. If the UV printer is not used for a long time, it should be self-checked every other day. Because every time the printer is turned on normally, the UV printer will start flash printing according to its internal settings and automatically clean the print head. The purpose is to prevent the nozzle from being blocked due to long-term non-use, which prevents normal printing. When the UV printer is not in use temporarily, the print head should be cleaned and covered with cling film to isolate the print head from the air and protect the print head.

8. The moving part of 9060UV printer should be regularly added with lubricating oil. The guide rails, sliders and screw rods on the X-axis and Y-axis are all high-precision parts. Lubricating oil is added to reduce friction. The machine can reduce heat generation to improve printing accuracy and extend the service life of the guide rails and sliders. If the guide rails and screw rods are very dirty, wipe them with a dust-free cloth before applying lubricant. It is recommended to use a low viscosity lubricant such as sewing machine oil to prevent the viscosity of the lubricant from causing too much resistance to the equipment. The X-axis conveyor belt should also be checked regularly to ensure proper tightness.

Today I will summarize so much. In the actual operation of the UV printer, we should follow the guidance of technical staff. The stable use of the Toshiba 9060UV printer is inseparable from the responsibility and care of the operator. Do n’t panic when you encounter problems, find it quickly The reason is to solve it. It is kingly. It must not be delayed. Some problems may become irreversible. If you cannot solve the problem, you can contact the relevant technical staff in time. If you trust me, it is also good to contact me. Communicate more To learn more about UV printers.

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