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Gold foil medal UV printing high-definition library, placer gold medal UV printing process, small 6090 sand gold wooden tray medal printer

Medal label gold foil wooden support honor label 9060uv printer application program, a small format uv printer can realize all kinds of medals and labels, titanium gold medals and gold labels, completely replace the gold foil screen printing process. At present, the profit of doing medals is considerable, and the profit of doing peers can reach double to twice the profit, providing raw material suppliers, printing high-definition picture library technology, etc. Invest in a 9060UV flatbed printer, and we will do everything else! The value-added project of the sign factory's graphic store advertising sign store!

We provide all of the production process of sand gold medals, honor wooden pallet materials, and high-definition UV printing library of sand gold medals to help you make identification signs easily.

Next, let’s talk about the UV printing method of Shajin medals. When looking for medal printers, many customers always ask me if I can print the coating?

As long as I heard what customers said, I basically judged that these customers have known Epson head 6090 UV printers in Shandong and Henan. Their 6090 UV printers use 4 Epson TX800 nozzles, which is indeed a kind of coating on one nozzle. The layer is sprayed out through the nozzle, which has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is convenient to print titanium gold and stainless steel signs without hand rubbing the coating directly through the 6090UV printer. The disadvantage is that the coating is very easy to block the nozzle. Basically, the service life of a nozzle is about 10 days, and the printed coating is general-purpose, and the coating is special, such as metal coating, glass coating, acrylic coating, etc.

Many customers who bought Epson printhead 6090 finally ordered our industrial Toshiba printhead 9060 to make medals with me. Why does this happen? It’s not that Epson printheads can’t print sand gold medals, but Epson TX800 printheads 6090 will have orders. When the machine nozzles are prone to problems, they cannot be produced.

And our Toshiba industrial head 9060UV printer nozzle has a two-year warranty, and the comprehensive life of the nozzle is 5-7 years. The small-format industrial UV printer is more stable and durable, and the Y-axis double screw is traditional. In the aspect of printing medals, the varnish nozzle has many channels, and the bright gold aluminum sheet is resistant to reflection, and the sand bottom particles will not change for a long time.

For the printer of Shajin medals, firstly, a UV printer with varnish UV printing function is required, and secondly, a high-definition sand bottom library with UV printing medals is required, and then combined with the U Shajin medal UV printing process to produce exquisite wooden pallet sand golden medal effects .
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