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UV machine crafting sand gold medal sand silver medal, how is the sand gold medal made?

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Today, Mr. Liu, the manager of Dayou Smart, brought the machine to play the gold medal. The whole process is shared: the cost of making the gold medal with the UV printer is much lower than that of silk screen or the purchase of gold foil with a printed sand bottom.

Sand gold medal production process;

1. First you need to have a 9060 UV printer, the size and model according to your needs, you need to configure four color plus white plus varnish as follows:

2. After we have this 9060UV printer, we also need to have a gallery dedicated to sand gold medals and a gallery at the bottom of the sand.

For a clear gold image file like this, we need to process the image file, deduct the white part, and leave the yellow particles as the varnish of the sand bottom to print the bright surface of the gold medal.

3. Process the sand gold library to make yellow particles.
4. Process the text and add the vine flower Great Wall pattern on the sand bottom map.

5. Finally, create a spot color channel of the varnish in the channel of the sand image file and print it on the 9060UV printer.

The above is the effect of the sand gold medal printed by 9060. Welcome to consult Manager Liu 1369780915 to provide free sand gold medal UV machine crafting process library and detailed technology methods.

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