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What are the effects of UV - plate printers? How effective is it?

UV flat-panel printers, printable metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, organic glass, acrylic, PVC, leather, plastic, silicone, wood products, non-woven fabrics, toys, U disk and other material objects. Direct printing, no need to make a plate, imaging, low cost, fast, good effect. Quick free sample effect.
Materials: crystal glass, wood and bamboo materials, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PP, PE surface, porcelain surface, acrylic, etc.
The printing is simple: the degree of dependence on manual technology and production experience is minimized.
Instant image production: the image making operation is simple, and can be taken immediately.
The cost is relatively low: minimize the production and production of the image.
Stable printing technology: suitable for the application of new equipment in craft gift industry.
We are a professional manufacturer, so we have a high demand for machines, and we are constantly improving some unreasonable places! In view of the shortcomings of the first and second generation of tablet printers, our new third generation UV plate printer has been improved as follows:
The design of exterior dustproof: reduce the influence of the environment on the equipment, the appearance is humanized design, make the operation more convenient!
The printing height is increased to 10-45cm, which increases the applicability!
Add cylinder printing function to improve machining range!
Anti-collision protection function, reduce expenditure, reduce cost, patent design!
Two-stage ink filter system: minimize the possibility of blockage of sprinkler head!
Simple transparent printing object height intelligent setting!
Ceramic tile background wall:
Advertising acrylic sheets:
Bottle wine box:
Leather soft materials:
Glass types:

Welcome to select the type of equipment suitable for you.

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