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The first day of the eighth month started! New UV printer grand listing!

New Ricoh 2513UV mobile phone shell UV painting machine 1610 mobile phone shell UV printer mobile phone embossed mobile phone shell in Shenzhen overall UV color printing solutions.
Shenzhen Dayou Intelligent Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Orson Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional focus on UV flatbed printer production R & D and application solutions provider. Companies focus on UV flatbed printer Ricoh nozzle and Toshiba nozzle combination of applications, such as mobile phone shell painting process, the company focused on different materials, handset shell material UV color printing process, and the current market popular mobile phone shell UV painting process embossed technology Varnish printing process, and Design and application solutions for customers free of charge are continuously updated.
Dayou smart currently in the UV flatbed printer application mobile phone shell painting strongly recommend UV1610 and UV2513 two models. These two machine format to meet the mobile phone shell painting on the market and acrylic custom manufacturers different needs, whether domestic or external processing can meet customer daily production needs. Big friend smart phone shell painting machine is the biggest advantage of the machine used by the material and assembly details, analysis of the current UV flatbed printer market, manufacturers are quite a mixed bag, so how can we identify the quality of the machine manufacturers how it.
We analyze the following, but also to provide customers a real need for reference:
First, look at the size and brand of the manufacturer. Factories have their own brand, followed by the size of the production workshop, whether there is a clear distinction between their own production, assembly and testing areas.
But also depends on the details of the machine assembly technology, and now many small-scale manufacturers have assembled the machine although the technology but the assembly details and design of the machine structure caused by sheet metal platform rugged, with the naked eye almost all can be distinguished between sheet metal The assembly gap is also very large. From these details can also be seen that the machine if there are many problems in the follow-up to use, the assembly details are not in place will result in machine accuracy has been compatibility issues.

We are very confident here that we produce the UV flatbed printer from the structural design to the application of accessories are the use of a senior mechanical designer and imported brand accessories. Such as screw, motor servo, vacuum system, power supply, switches, etc. as long as the loss of parts, all using high precision, durable imported parts. Small to machine assembly details The gap between each sheet metal parts can be standard, you can use the ruler to measure to achieve the same level, including the painting of the machine surface, we are all imported seven paint process. Feel fine, do not fade. Currently these can be compared and tested by customers on the ground.

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