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Detailed maintenance guide for UV printers during the Spring Festival holiday of 2020

Dear Customer: Hello!
The new year of 2020 is coming. Thank you for your continuous support! Dayou Intelligent Printing wishes you new and old customers a happy new year and a wealth of money in 2020!
The annual vacation time is long, and the entire machine needs to be fully maintained before the holiday. The following has compiled a maintenance guide for the whole machine by Xiaobian. I hope that customers will perform a comprehensive maintenance of the machine strictly according to the following methods to ensure the health of the machine.
1. Maintenance of sports system

Add anti-rust oil or grease to the screw rod

Add anti-rust oil or grease to the guide rail

The motion system includes high-speed rail screws and motors and drives and sensors that drive them. We need to check the wear of the guide rails and screw rods, clean up the oil and dust on the surface and add an appropriate amount of rust-proof oil or lubricant; check the degree of strain of the bearings and couplings of the X / Y / Z shafts of the transmission components, Whether the screws are loose and the belt is worn. Check that the signals from each sensor are sensitive and free from dust.

2. Maintenance of the ink system

The pipeline of the ink system will produce some sediment after working for a certain period of time. At this time, we need to clean up the sediment. After using the ink system for one year, we need to clean or replace it. We can use the equipment according to the use of the equipment. Select the method to maintain the ink system. The filter on the ink system must be replaced regularly (recommended for 6 months), and the print head needs to be maintained regularly.

Maintenance method when the machine is not working during 1-3 days holiday

a. After pressing the ink, print the nozzle test strip, make a record, and then wipe the surface of the nozzle with a clean dust-free cloth moistened with cleaning solution to confirm that there is no dirt and agglomerated ink on the nozzle surface. Then close the secondary ink cartridge, and turn the iron cylinder of the secondary ink cartridge downward 45 ° to the right.
b. Take a foam board with the same size as the bottom plate of the nozzle, and wrap the surface with plastic wrap to take dust prevention measures.
c. Put a dust-free cloth on the surface, and moisten the surface with a spray moisturizer (be careful not to moisturize with a cleaning solution). Due to the longer downtime, you can pour a little more moisturizer.
d. Place the finished moisturizing foam board on the waste ink tank tray, and use the software to control the car's lift motor screw to slowly lower it, so that the surface of the nozzle is completely in contact with the dust-free cloth (do not press too tightly, you can contact)
e. Turn off the machine and power off, and reset all the function switches.
f. Cover the head with a black cloth to prevent the nozzle from seeing light.
Maintenance methods when the machine is not working for more than 4 days

a. First set the ink valve switch to the vertical state (the iron pillar is up)
b. Unplug the sealant on the upper end of the ink valve, use a syringe to connect a 6 * 4 ink tube or air tube, and take out the ink cleaning solution to clean the ink in the nozzle. Unscrew the cap of the ink discharge tube and rinse Inside the spray head, screw the plug cap on, and then flush the spray nozzle holes until the liquid coming out of the spray head surface is transparent. (Note: The pressure should not be too high, only when ink drops come out from the surface of the nozzle, otherwise the pressure will damage the nozzle).
c. After cleaning, blow air with a syringe to flush out the cleaning liquid from the nozzle. (Also unscrew the plug cover first to flush the inside of the spray head, and screw the cover to flush the spray holes)
d. Use a syringe to draw an appropriate amount of moisturizing liquid from the nozzle (be careful not to use cleaning liquid), and slowly inject into the nozzle until the moisturizing liquid comes out of the nozzle.
e. Close the ink valve normally so that the moisturizing liquid remains in the print head.
f. Follow the method 1 to moisturize the spray head normally.
g. Close the software to save the parameters, turn off the emergency stop switch, turn off the computer, and turn off all circuit switches.
h. Cover the head with a black cloth to prevent the nozzle from seeing light.

3. Maintenance of negative pressure system

The main role of the negative pressure system is to ensure that the ink ejection force and the negative pressure suction force in the print head are balanced during the printing process, so that the ink is placed at the critical point of printing. The main maintenance includes cleaning and sanitation, replacing the filter device, and checking the airtightness of the ink path Sex.

4. Maintenance of LED curing system

The main function of the LED curing system is to solidify the ink, which is also a necessary factor for the rapid curing of UV ink. The main maintenance actions are: replacing the antifreeze in the refrigeration system and cleaning the water tank, draining the dirt, cleaning the dust of the cooling fan, and cleaning the LED. Dust and dirt on the surface of the lamp cap make the UV light line brighter.

5. Electrical system maintenance

The electrical system generates static electricity due to long-term work, which absorbs dust in the air, which will affect the sensitivity and heat dissipation performance of various precision electrical components. Therefore, you must remember to clean the electrical system, especially the power supply box, servo drive, and board.

6. Maintenance of auxiliary system

The auxiliary system includes a computer, a suction device, and a voltage regulator. First of all, we need to back up the print data and software in the computer, clean up the dust in the turbine fan, and check the working condition of the voltage regulator to output voltage and power.


1. After shutdown, you need to do three preventions and two shelters: anti-rat, anti-theft, anti-leakage, shading, dust-proof, temperature and humidity suitable to avoid high temperature and cold.
2. The year is coming soon, and new and old customers are requested to reserve spare parts and consumables in advance, such as: ink, cleaning liquid, coating, dust-free cloth, etc.

3. When starting work after the festival, first increase the indoor temperature to 25 degrees (the ink will become viscous at lower temperatures, and it will take 6 hours for room temperature to be normal for normal use), then check the equipment circuit and give it after it is normal. The equipment is powered on and running; Shenzhen Dayou Smart 9060 Toshiba UV flatbed printer experts give you a comprehensive maintenance plan!

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