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How to clean the Toshiba CE nozzle of Dayou Intelligent 9060UV Printer

Toshiba UV flatbed printer market, Toshiba nozzle has been in a relatively high market share due to its high cost performance and long service life. At present, Epson nozzle UV printer nozzle has a service life of 3 months, can not be cleaned and reused, Ricoh service life It is 1 year, Toshiba nozzle life can be cleaned and reused in 5-7 years. At present, the best 9060 printer sold by Dayou has been considering nozzle cleaning after two years of customer use. The nozzle cleaning is mainly divided into three steps.

1. Turn off the secondary ink cartridge switch,

You need to turn off the secondary ink cartridge switch before you can clean the nozzle, otherwise it will cause the cleaning to return to the secondary ink cartridge to affect the print quality.

2. Cleaning the nozzle

The cleaning solution is injected from the nozzle exhaust pipe with a syringe for cleaning.

3 rows of clean cleaning solution

The effect of cleaning mainly depends on whether the nozzle cleaning liquid is flowing straight out. After the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to effectively clean the cleaning liquid by injecting air into the nozzle.

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