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How to maintain the white ink nozzle of Toshiba Ricoh UV Tablet? No plugging

Step 1: Shake the white ink cartridge, pull the ink cartridge toward the front, turn it upside down, hold both ends of the longitudinal direction with both hands, and shake it to the left and right for 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully agitate the internal ink. 1 day / 1 time

Step 2: Stir the white ink, select [Stir White Ink] from the menu, and press OK. After the execution, the slider is shaken for about 5 minutes. 1 day / 1 time

Step 3: Print the print head test, take a piece of white paper on the pressure plate (if the paper is A4 size, put it on the top right of the pressure plate), select [Print Test] through the menu, and press OK. 1 day / 1 time

Q: Why do you want to print test? A: If the ink does not spit out and it will solidify in the nozzle of the print head, it is necessary to replace the print head.

Q: How to judge the print quality by detecting the pattern? Let's take a look at the relevant case.

As shown in Fig. 1, if there is a white streak, or a two-way break, or a three-snow phenomenon, there is a case where the nozzle does not discharge ink. Fig. 2 is a detection pattern at the time of normal ink discharge.

figure 1

Next, print head cleaning:
1) Select [Print Head Cleaning] → [Normal Cleaning] from the menu and select the corresponding color. If the above problems occur in all four colors, select [All Colors].
2) Perform [Print Test] again, if there is still a problem, please select [Print Head Cleaning] → [Strong Clean].
Step 4: Clean the white pipeline 1 week / 1 time
Here are the specific steps:
Ready to work
1) Inject a new filler into a clean bottle (at least 250ml of filler per cleaning head), and discard if there is any filler residue in the bottle.
2) Confirm the amount of waste liquid in the waste ink collector (the waste liquid collector does not exceed half of the waste liquid).

Performing operations
3) Confirm that the printer is in [Standby] or [Can print].
4) Select [Maintenance] > [White Line Cleaning] from the menu and press the OK button.
5) Select [All White] and it will start recycling white ink and display the countdown. Please wait a moment (time required: 4 minutes).
Note: If you choose to clean individual waste tubes in the [White Line Cleaning] menu, the white ink will not be recycled initially.
6) After the ink recovery is completed, the display shows [Please install the maintenance box]. Pull out the white ink cartridge, insert the maintenance box, and press the OK button.
7) Insert the tube into the bottom of the bottle with the packing as shown.

8) Next, [Close Air Import Cap] is displayed on the display. As shown in the figure below, please confirm that the air introduction cap is closed and press the OK button. The pump starts running and the packing is introduced.

9) After about 30 seconds, if a beep sounds, [Open Air Import Cap] will appear on the display. Open the cap and press OK. The air (bubble) enters the waste tube and flushes the residual white ink (it takes about 10 minutes to clean a print head).
10) After hearing the “click” sound, the display will show [Please put the filter element], press OK. Pull out the maintenance box of W1, insert the filter element for white ink into W1, and press OK. The air enters the waste pipe and discharges the residual foam.
11) A “beep” sound is emitted, and the display shows [Please install the maintenance box]. Pull out the filter element of W1, insert the maintenance box, and press OK. In this case, insert the tube into the bottom of the bottle.
12) [Close air inlet cover] is displayed on the display. Please turn off the air intake cap and press the OK button. Introduce the packing again.
13) After the end, the operation indication of W2 is displayed on the display. Please pull out the maintenance box of W1, install the maintenance box for the next white print head W2, install the filter element for W1, and press OK. This completes the cleaning of the W1 pipe. Repeat the above steps to clean other white lines.
After the pipe is cleaned, the white ink is introduced before the next printing.
1) Pull out the filter element, insert the white ink cartridge, and select [Maintenance] > [Import white ink after cleaning] through the menu.
2) Select [All White] or select individual print heads and press OK. White ink is introduced in sequence.

The above analysis of how to prevent the white ink nozzle maintenance is not blocked, in fact, as long as there is patience to maintain the attention to detail, a nozzle used for more than four years is no problem.

Next, introduce the company's new Toshiba 9060C model, white models, the nozzle white ink is changed to two heads, white ink, two heads of varnish

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