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Uv flatbed printer nozzle heating does not heat up solution

Uv flatbed printer nozzle heating does not heat up, it will directly affect the normal ink discharge of uv ink, resulting in the printing process
Broken ink condition. Especially when the temperature is low in winter, the fluency of uv ink is far less than that of summer.
The head, uv ink needs to be heated, and the external working environment also needs a suitable temperature. Ring suitable for uv flatbed printers

The ambient temperature is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C and the humidity is between 30% and 60%. In general, there are five reasons why the nozzle does not heat up.

1. Heating sheet aging
This is a normal phenomenon, the uv flatbed printer nozzle heating film works for a long time, usually after 6 months
In the case of aging, replace the new heater chip.
2. The machine is not reset
Reset the uv flatbed printer and re-open it so that the heater will heat up.
3. Poor heating contact
Check if the contact between the heating piece and the nozzle line is loose or broken. If it is reconnected, it will return to normal.
4. Heating the power box voltage is too low
Open the cover of the power supply box of the uv flatbed printer and see if the voltage value is too low. If it is too low, check if the regulator is normal.
5. Heated sheet has poor thermal conductivity
Is the screw between the heating pad and the uv flatbed printer nozzle loose, causing the gap to become large, or foreign matter in the heat transfer place?
Wait, clean it in time and tighten it together.

6. Need to pay attention to see if the water tank valve inside the nozzle thermostat is open, because the principle inside the thermostat is to heat and cool the nozzle through the circulation of water. The inlet and outlet of the thermostat have valves. Please refer to the figure below:

It should be noted that when the uv flatbed printer starts printing, it is necessary to enter the uv ink before the winter weather is cold.
After printing the key parts such as lines and nozzles, if it is old equipment, without heating sheets or built-in circulating heating system, you can purchase an external small sun for heating. After opening, keep the nozzles at about 20 cm away. Open it.
After processing and then opening the software, the nozzle temperature is normal.

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