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After the holiday started installing UV machine nozzle precautions

Years have passed, work or continue to drop! ! !

When installing the nozzle should pay attention to what time to Epson nozzle as an example:
1 nozzle socket can not touch, to prevent oxidation.
2 installation, the nozzle socket must be aligned, can not be hard plug, such as pinhole plug bad contact, the nozzle will not work properly.
3, the nozzle must be used to maintain a good thermal environment, or nozzle circuit easily damaged.
4, electrostatic damage to the circuit part of the nozzle is very serious, when operating the nozzle or touch the nozzle board, we must eliminate static electricity.
5, print if the print head is disconnected, you need to print head cleaning, such as serious plug nozzle, you can first ink, if you still can not solve, you can use cleaning fluid cleaning nozzle.

Used nozzle mounted nozzle after how to deal with:
      Printer using UV ink is easy to plug the trouble
      1. Plug the first reason is the ink solvent evaporation, the ink particles in the nozzle condensation, resulting in nozzle clogging. Second, the ink impurities, or react with a solvent to generate foreign body, clogged in the nozzle. Prevent the use of filtering devices must be used, the cartridge can not enter the impurities; regular cleaning nozzle. Before cleaning, the syringe with the cleaning tube should be filled with the cleaning solution. When cleaning, first unplug the ink tube (first turn off the machine), and then insert the cleaning tube into the nozzle to make the cleaning solution with pressure enter the ink tube Into the nozzle until the nozzle ink is washed clean. Nozzle plugging serious nozzle must be removed thoroughly cleaned, can be soaked for 5-10 minutes (dissolved nozzle condensation of ink), and then use a dedicated nozzle cleaning agent for cleaning, (save the nozzle, handling, cleaning, immersion be careful; Such as bumps hard objects, will lead to the nozzle radiation is not straight).
2, the plug of the nozzle are generally the result of long-term accumulation, the user must always use the nozzle to maintain the smooth state.
3, the nozzle to be checked regularly, the nozzle is being used to regularly clean, the nozzle can be removed when not in use for a long time
4, usually to strengthen the maintenance, time is too long, do not need to boot the next two days to lay down the test line, do not lose a month no matter, whether it is not.
5, the indoor temperature needs to be done more than 20 degrees at room temperature for 15 days without plugging.
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