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How to maintain the broken ink in the autumn and winter of 2513UV flatbed printer

Autumn and winter ink use guidelines
Due to the recent autumn and winter seasons alternating * * climate temperature changes cause obvious temperature differences in various regions, easily lead to disconnection, flying ink and other phenomena, hope that the majority of friends pay attention to protective equipment and ink:
1. The printer is turned on once a day, and inkjet detection is performed. It is found that there is a broken needle, etc., and the nozzle should be washed until the nozzle is normal to ensure the smoothness of the pipe and the wetness of the nozzle. The condition allows printing of small colors of various colors. Piece.
2. The printer is stopped for 3-5 days. When the machine is turned off, the nozzle is removed, the special ink is dripped on the ink stack, the waste ink tube is clamped with the long tail clamp, and then the nozzle is moved to the ink stack to ensure the nozzle and ink. The seal between the finds is intact.
3. The printer is stopped for more than 5 days. Please replace the ink cartridge with special cleaning solution at the end of printing to ensure that the ink path and nozzle are clean. (UV inner ink should be thoroughly cleaned)

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