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Small Ricoh G5i nozzle 9060 uv flatbed printer, how about Ricoh G5i nozzle? What is the relationship between g5i nozzle and XR1201?

Whether the small-format classic 9060uv printer uses the Ricoh g5i print head is also carefully considered. This new print head has also been tested in 2020. Is this new print head Xaar 1201? The answer is not exactly yes or no. The main core and parameters are the core of Xaar 1201. However, why the 1201 was not successfully promoted before is mainly because the matching of the board and the nozzle heating method and the ink are not perfect, so this situation has been caused, but after a year of matching board ink and heating methods Dealing with it, and Xaar transferred the sales right of this nozzle to Ricoh, then the 1201 nozzle has been improved and redefined by Ricoh, which is our recently popular Ricoh G5i nozzle.

Shenzhen Dayu Smart also launched our classic 9060 multifunctional UV flatbed printer with Ricoh G5i printhead in 2021. It used to be equipped with Toshiba CE4 printhead. After testing and R&D improvements, the 9060 using Ricoh G5i printhead will improve the printing accuracy, especially The accuracy and speed of printing cylinders have been greatly improved. Ricoh G5i nozzles are suitable for use on small industrial rack UV printers. Our 9060UV printers have high rack accuracy and excellent overall workmanship, so it is very good to use this nozzle.

The above picture shows the test demonstration effect of our DY-9060B uv flatbed printer with Ricoh G5i print head. For more test videos, please contact Manager 

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