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How about Ricoh's new G6 nozzle?

For the current nozzle application of UV flatbed printers, Toshiba nozzles and Ricoh nozzles are the two major industrial nozzles in the mainstream. The advantages of each of them are not introduced here. There are flaws on the Internet. In fact, everyone thinks about this point. As you know, the style of Japanese products, since they can launch these two nozzles in the market, they certainly have their own advantages. Just like Honda and Toyota, they can’t say good or bad. Only by combining their own needs and priorities can they make A better choice, then the application of the Toshiba CE4 and Ricoh G5 are also applicable cases.

 Let's talk about some new Ricoh G6 nozzles on the market. This nozzle is not really new. It is very early, but it has not been applied to large-scale inkjet printers. From the parameter 5PL of Ricoh G6, the nozzle hole is smaller than the Ricoh G5 nozzle. The relative accuracy is higher, and the higher precision is necessarily the slower speed. Ricoh G6 in the application of high-drop printing applications in the toy industry, some manufacturers boast to 15MM high drop or even higher, in fact, from the professional perspective of the small series, Ricoh G6 does not have such a high drop, just increase the motherboard voltage and slow down The speed at which the nozzle X-axis travels, resulting in high drop printing.

Xiao Bian today needs to introduce that in the toy application industry, the Toshiba CE 4 nozzle is still the most radiant application. First, the Toshiba C4 nozzle is the most cost-effective one in the industrial nozzle, followed by the Toshiba CE4 nozzle aperture 5PL plus special special board. structure. Plus the international big name MIMAKI is applied to the Toshiba nozzle in the toy industry. Therefore, the 9060 professionally developed by Toshiba CE4 nozzle of Xiaobian Company has a very wide application case in the toy market. On the contrary, the Ricoh G6 board test and the method of strengthening the board voltage to achieve high injection speed will directly reduce the life of the nozzle. More about Ricoh's new G6 nozzles, please refer to which has a multi-UV flatbed printer in the Toshiba nozzle application toy industry. Business Manager Liu 13697980915 E-mail:

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