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Ricoh Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printer which is good

According to industry statistics, the usage rates of Toshiba nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, and Seiko nozzles are the highest in the uv printers in recent years. Which of the three different nozzle uv printers is better? What are their advantages? Shenzhen Ao-Sheng Excellence analyzed the problem of “uv printer Ricoh nozzles and Toshiba nozzles” in detail, hoping to help you buy uv printers.

Uv printer Ricoh nozzle and Toshiba nozzle which is good, can be from the print accuracy, print speed, time to market, nozzle material, head life, nozzle price, nozzle warranty and other aspects to compare. The Ricoh G5 and Toshiba CE4 nozzles are popular in the market, and the Ricoh G5 nozzles and Toshiba nozzles are described below.

1, print accuracy. Ricoh nozzle 7PL, Toshiba nozzle 5PL. PL is the ink droplet size unit, the smaller the value is, the higher the precision is, and the most high-precision Ricoh nozzle is the Toshiba nozzle.

2, print speed. Ricoh nozzle 8-12m2/h, Toshiba nozzle 6m2/h. Print speed Ricoh nozzles > Toshiba nozzles.

3, time to market. Ricoh nozzles have been popular in the industry for about three to four years, and Toshiba nozzles have only emerged in these two years. From the time of launch, the nozzles > Toshiba nozzles.

4, nozzle material. Ricoh nozzles are all steel and Toshiba nozzles are all made of steel. Material advantages and disadvantages Ricoh nozzle = Toshiba nozzle.

5, nozzle life. Ricoh nozzle life of 2-3 years, Toshiba nozzle life of 5-7 years. Service life Toshiba nozzle > Ricoh nozzle.

6, nozzle prices. A Ricoh nozzle 12,000 yuan, a Toshiba nozzle 6,000 yuan. The nozzle unit price Ricoh nozzle > Toshiba nozzle.

7, nozzle warranty. Ricoh nozzles are not warranted. Toshiba nozzles are guaranteed for 2 years. Year warranty Ricoh nozzles Toshiba nozzles.

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