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Wall color direct injection machine! Attention to the work of the wall painting machine

In the construction of the beautiful countryside, you will find that many of the rural houses are painted with vivid colorful paintings on the walls. In fact, in modern science and technology, these wall paintings are painted by a wall painting machine. What are the attention issues of wall painting machine?
Basic parameters of wall painting machine:
DY- s8-2 vertical 8-color fiber without gratings
Sprinkler head: epson 7 generation piezoelectric head, inkjet technology: smart micro piezoelectric press demand ink
Ink: indoor and external wall special ink for ink: 88 ml of positive pressure continuous supply ink system
Printing accuracy: 720X1440dpi, 720X720dpi, 720X360dpi
Power supply: 220V + 15%, frequency: 50Hz
Motor: servo/step
Printing direction: vertical, printing width: 1.9m*4.5m
Applications: wind/temperature below level 5 5-35 ° / no rain and snow
Work note of wall painting machine:
1, on a rainy day, or about to can't construction, when it rains have grating machines when wind is too large to stop construction, grating oscillation caused by the wind through the conference, which will cause the print pattern changed; The windless machines are less affected by the wind, but they also need to stop when the wind is too strong, because the wind will blow out the ink and blur the picture.
2. Notice that there is no air-conditioning on the top of the machine, don't let the water drop down to the machine; Pay attention to whether the various lines on the machine will interfere with each other during the construction process. When adjusting the distance between the machine and the wall, the sprinkler head should not run into the wall to prevent the collision. Pay attention to the adjustment of the level, the adjustment will not affect the effect of print.
3. Try not to let irrelevant personnel close when working in the machine, while staff should also pay attention to prevent accidentally touching the machine power, causing unnecessary problems caused by the machine power failure; In areas where the temperature difference is too large, a picture is made every day before construction to test whether the grating is normal, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss.

For the wall paint machine can have many friends not very understanding, actually the paint machine is not very original electric appliance, just did not use for the type of wall before. Wall painting is a very traditional way of painting, and the appearance of wall painting machine will promote the ordinary wall painting.

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