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Toshiba head and Ricoh G5 nozzle main difference

UV universal flatbed printer, appeared in the country should be 2011 when the domestic transition from Epson flatbed printer to the era of UV printers, then domestic popular Konica Minolta and Seiko print UV ink these two industrial nozzles, but with the market Demand and instability factors, the two nozzle quickly out of the market, the market quickly replaced by two other nozzle Ricoh and Toshiba.

After years of research and development in the domestic production of high quality, high efficiency, high-precision UV flatbed printer developed to Purcell and Kyocera there Ricoh GH2220 nozzle. Drift, the ultimate world or Toshiba nozzle. The following describes several commonly used nozzle contrast.

1, Epson nozzle width of 24.5mm, each nozzle has eight rows of holes, each row of 180 nozzles, a total of 1440 nozzles.

2, the nozzle is equipped with a unique wave size variable printing technology, to solve the plot due to stripes PASS Road, vivid images.

3, FDT technology: When a nozzle hole to reduce the amount of ink, it will immediately get a variable frequency signal, which opened up the nozzle, which is a unique color media technology, so that your machine's service life is greatly extended !

4, Epson nozzle relative Ricoh G5 nozzle will be more clear, 3.5PL drop size, so that the resolution of the pattern reached an astonishing 2880dpi, comparable to the effect of high-definition photos. As small as 0.2 mm fine, with the same hair thin, not difficult to imagine, no matter how small material, can demonstrate the perfect pattern!

5, suitable for water-based ink, but not suitable for oily ink, ink-based ink is relatively easy to break ink and short life, after all, Epson nozzle is not an industrial nozzle.

1, Ricoh G5 as an industrial level nozzle. Is widely used, is recognized as the best, cost-effective nozzle.

2, Ricoh G5 nozzle of a nozzle orifice 1280, G5 nozzle is a nozzle control two colors, also known as one drag two nozzle.

3, by the independent control of small plates, connecting the wiring, the core nozzle composed. Sprinklers are all-steel construction, an ink jet width of 54mm, super-strength corrosion resistance.

4, you can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted work, work 20 hours a day, the use of 3-5 years, surpassing the similar nozzle 3 times the service life.

5, Ricoh G5 nozzle minimum drop 7PL. UV flatbed printer excellent results, delicate and realistic, can print 2pt fonts clearly. Variable ink droplet printing.

6, Ricoh G5 is not easily affected by the working environment, not affected by the viscosity of the ink temperature.
7. Toshiba CE4 nozzle relative to the nozzle manufacturers to give a reasonable two-year reduction of warranty, accuracy relative to the G5 nozzle 7PL only fine 5PL.

1, Ricoh GH2220 nozzle is economical low-cost industrial nozzle, using all-steel structure, can be 4 grayscale variable droplet printing.

2, the only one industrial inkjet ink droplets can reach 3pl accuracy than Epson's 3.5pl accuracy but also delicate, and GH2220 nozzle gray inkjet color management more flexible.

3, the speed is faster than Epson nozzle (Epson 5 square per hour, Ricoh GH2220 8-12 square feet per hour), Epson nozzle to face difficult challenges.

4, Ricoh GH2220 print life is 1.5 times higher than Epson.

5, there is even more amazing is that a Ricoh GH2220 nozzle price is much cheaper than the Epson nozzle
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