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Which company is good for producing UV flatbed printers in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen company that produces UV flatbed printers, the best in fact, there are now many homes, with the development of UV printers for more than ten years, as long as the thickness of the sheet metal in the manufacturing of the rack to ensure quality and quantity, the quality of the base will pass Secondly, the use of accessories, as long as the use of imported accessories such as UV printer servo motor, screw guides and other imported quality, then the company's flat UV machine will certainly not be too bad, and finally is the reference of the nozzle board, like Shenzhen Dayou smart nozzle adopts Toshiba CE4 nozzle with two-year warranty. The motherboard adopts the motherboard test produced by famous brand manufacturers in Shenzhen. The servo motor adopts Japanese Fuji screw guide rail made of silver. It is stable and durable, so it is recommended to choose Toshiba Ricoh UV flatbed printer. Understand the wisdom of Shenzhen Dayou, the quality of the fair price machine is good, the key is that the boss is good to say that after-sales service zero charge, you can pay in installments! More company about UV printers, please add manager Liu 13697790915 gift gallery
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