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Congratulations to Hangzhou agent Shen total order 8 sets of UV flatbed printer special car delivery

After years of working with the company, Hangzhou agents negotiated cooperation and agency methods. They placed 8 sets of UV flatbed printers at a time. After half a month's hard work, the technicians of the installation department completed the delivery.
High-speed, high-precision, high-quality Ricoh G5 and 3 nozzles for excellent production efficiency, rich and colorful colors, and impressive 1440 × 1440 dpi high resolution
4-color printing - C+ M+ Y+ K
5-color printing - C M Y K+ W
Uses VOC-free (Volatile Organics) UV-curable ink for environmental protection and no odor
The maximum output speed is 40 m2/hour
Precise and constant secondary ink cartridge ensures smooth ink supply during high-speed printing, avoiding nozzle breakage
Automatically detects the thickness of the media and sets the nozzle height to print on media up to 100mm
The intelligent inverter automatically controls the air pressure of the vacuum adsorption platform and keeps it stable, ensuring that various sizes of print media can be securely adsorbed on the printing platform.
The head carriage is equipped with a high-sensitivity impact sensor, as if equipped with "airbags" for precision nozzles to ensure that the nozzles will not be damaged by accidental impact during the printing process.
UV lamp automatic shutter system can freely control the left and right sides of the UV lamp on or off, and can choose different levels of irradiation energy, so that in the different types of materials printed on the screen can get a perfect curing effect
The automatic mixing system in the white ink main ink tank can prevent the composition of the special white ink from gradually depositing at a standstill, avoid white ink plugging, and ensure high-quality printing
"Double ink volume" function automatically doubles the amount of printing ink, perfectly achieving the effect of the back lighting effect
The automatic large-capacity ink supply system ensures uninterrupted printing for a long time. When the remaining ink level is insufficient, it will automatically alarm. The operator can add ink at any time without any downtime, which will not affect the normal production process.
With nozzle automatic cleaning function, the operator can clean the nozzle to the best condition without dirty hands
Provides powerful and comprehensive hardware detection and adjustment functions, such as: nozzle status detection, nozzle position calibration, nozzle voltage adjustment, bidirectional printing calibration, stepping calibration, etc.
White Ink Printing A variety of colored or transparent media can be printed Flexible white ink Also suitable for flexible, hard materials Up to two layers can be set to print at once, and multi-layer patterns (color and white can be combined on demand) increase bump printing.
Easy-to-use menu-driven control system makes it easier for operators to get started

Automatic nozzle cleaning system
To ensure the best print quality, the Aosen Excellence UV Flatbed Printer provides you with an easy-to-use automatic nozzle cleaning system that allows the operator to clean the printhead to the best condition without the need for dirty hands.

Automatic UV lamp system
Each UV flatbed printer has a UV lamp system equipped with an automatic shutter. Users can choose the UV curing function according to the used materials and different printing modes, such as single lamp or dual lamp, half file or full File power, at the same time, in the single lamp mode can also choose a different curing method.

Media positioning system
With X+Y bi-directional media positioning, the media is positioned so the material is prevented from being easily printed edge-to-edge. , can achieve accurate material positioning, so it can ensure the image of the "edge to edge" print and repeat printing. At the same time feeding operation is more convenient and faster.

Automatic ink system
The high-capacity ink supply system of the Aosen Excellence UV Flatbed Printer adopts an integrated and compact design, and is equipped with an automatic mixing system for prevention of sedimentation in the white ink main ink tank for a special composition of white UV ink. Effectively prevents the white ink from depositing and causing nozzle clogging. When the amount of ink in the main ink tank is low, a sensitive ink level sensor will sense and issue a warning message to prompt the operator to add ink.

Base steel structure
The whole steel structure of the chassis, with a weight of 0.8 tons, can greatly enhance the stability of the machine during high-speed movement of the machine. The workbench frame body adopts square pass welding and tempering heat treatment to integrally process the side surface and the upper surface. Y-direction guide rails and ball screw rods are installed on the side of the frame body, and the mounting surface of the suction platform is integrally processed to ensure the platform accuracy. And aging treatment (placed in natural conditions for 30 days, after the natural deformation of the steel frame after finishing processing), can guarantee that the platform and the rack will not be deformed for a long time, extending equipment life and accuracy.

High-performance Taiwan servo motor
Igges imports the German towline X-axis imported from Germany, which is suitable for high-speed movement, can greatly reduce the wear of the wire harness, and extend the life of the wire harness. The nozzle collision avoidance system can print on various media not exceeding 100mm. Moreover, the surface roughness of various materials is also different. Once the operator forgets to let the device detect the material height inadvertently, it is very likely that the nozzle hits a hard material and damages the accident in the printing process, and the nozzle collision avoidance system can avoid accidents. happened.

The nozzle collision avoidance system can print on various media up to 100mm, and the surface roughness of various materials is also different. Once the operator forgets to let the device detect the height of the material, it is very likely to appear in the printing process. The nozzle hits a hard material and damages the accident, and the nozzle collision avoidance system can avoid accidents.

Double screw drive system is used to ensure the printing accuracy, improve the printing quality and make the equipment use longer. The silent guide rail screw guarantees that the equipment is within 40 decibels during high-speed operation, and the accuracy is greatly improved.

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