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Sign medal advertising PVC signboard UV flatbed printer application

Various signage medals in the advertising industry cannot be separated from Ricoh flatbed printers. As the traditional process of signage becomes more and more complicated, the application of UV printers in the signage advertising signboard industry is an inevitable trend. On all kinds of aluminum plates, the printer black-and-white signage agent process is simple and low-cost. The sand gold medal needs to directly print the color pattern on the sand gold material base plate.

A variety of models of glass printers, low printing costs (small batch production is the same as mass production costs), can significantly reduce the cost of special printing. Fast speed and high quality (image effect is realistic, waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-fading, fast and simple color pattern and full color pattern can be printed at one time), easy processing, stable batch printing products Strong.

3D signage printer can print any material, now has produced universal ink and textile ink, which makes your production and processing easier (free of intermediate consumables, such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature tape, heat transfer equipment) Free of film, plate making, printing, repeating and coloring, fast proofing (implementing computer data output to universal inkjet printer--printing directly on objects), low cost (80% lower than screen printing cost, object height is: 0-17.5CM), the effect is good (the color is clear and vivid, not easy to fall off, no outlets, long storage time, environmental protection can be exported), perfect after-sales service (return rate is very low, one year warranty period, the road is far away can be QQ Video repair, express delivery accessories), to create a printing field, is an indispensable helper for your printing, a multi-color printing, perfect color transition, amazing printing effect, the finished product defect rate is almost zero.

3D signage printer application industry

The UV produced by our company can print various patterns on any material. Such as: wood, bamboo, stone, glass, leather, metal, crystal, signage, shells, fabrics, etc., and other materials, direct printing and imaging, stand and wait. The scope involves personal items, craft gifts, office supplies, stationery Dozens of markets such as signage, home improvement building materials, flower fabrics, toy gifts, etc. The printing machine on the glass adopts non-contact printing technology. Any multi-color pattern is printed successfully at one time, the process is simple, no plate making, color registration and complicated drying process are not damaged. It is hand-painting and screen printing. A technical innovation of technology, the printing of the machine on the glass is colorful, with waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistance, and never fade. Suitable for processing: especially suitable for screen printing factory, toy factory, plastic product factory, hardware factory, printing iron factory, five glass products factory, crystal product factory, personalized gift shop, advertising production company, plexiglass factory for customers to batch print products, make samples And the production speed is fast, the image effect is good, and it is deeply loved by the customers. It will win the proofing time for the factory, take more orders, and quickly produce the products produced by the printing factory. It has a wide range of use, and it really achieves the effect of printing and printing. The imaging speed is fast and the image clear effect is excellent.

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