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Strength subverts tradition! Dayou Smart Brings 1212UV Printer Silicone Printing Solution to Promote Industry Innovation and Development

The 1212 multifunctional UV printer assists in UV color printing of silica gel products. Silica gel, also known as silicic acid gel, was originally mainly used in the military industry as a new type of synthetic polymer material. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, non-toxic and odorless, and various colors. With the application of silica gel in various fields such as industry, it has gradually replaced rubber materials. Its application fields have continued to expand and the market space has continued to increase, such as: Baby products, kitchen products, medical equipment and other fields have become an indispensable part of people's daily lives.
With the increasing living standards, the new generation of consumer groups not only pursue practicality when choosing products, but also begin to pay attention to appearance and fashion personality. The traditional printing method of silicone products is mostly silk screen. In addition to the pungent smell during the production process of some products, this process may also cause some harm to the human body. Not only the process is complicated, the color is single, and small batches of personalized customization cannot be made according to customer needs, which seriously restricts the development of the industry.

In order to meet the ever-changing market demand, the Dayo Intelligent R&D team has repeatedly tested and overcome various problems, and successfully developed a silicone printing solution, which perfectly solves some of the printing problems of silicone products. For example, children's educational toys rodent control pioneers, children's silicone watches, etc., by printing a gradual color effect on a solid-color silicone material and printing on a concave-convex surface material, it can meet up to 20mm drop printing. The spray-printed product has rich colors and high color fastness. From various tests on the surface treatment of silica gel and the use of inks, a set of stable and firm UV color printing solutions for silica gel was summarized.

Dayou's new DY-1212B-5 UV printer, with a humanized design, is more convenient for loading and unloading, supports continuous printing of sheets with 2.5m*1.25m ultra-wide format, equipped with industrial-grade Toshiba CE4/Ricoh G5i (optional), supports cylindrical Body printing, supports high-drop printing, and supports 0-50 cm thickness media printing. In high-speed printing mode, it can meet the needs of high-volume and high-efficiency production. It is undoubtedly an ideal choice for the silicone product industry.

The 1212 multifunctional UV printer prints silica gel. The printing steps are simple. Under the condition that the surface of the silica raw material is clean, use the spray gun to adjust to the atomized state, spray the bottom water evenly, and dry it naturally. After drying, spray the second coating. After evenly spraying, bake in an oven, and print directly after baking and cooling. (If there is no spray gun, it can be wiped by hand, but marks will appear on the surface)
Under the background of the global advocacy of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly economy, it is the general trend of various industries to take the road of green, environmental protection and low-carbon manufacturing. The UV ink equipped with the Dayou Smart Toshiba printhead 1212 printer is non-pungent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has passed the country The recognized environmental protection standards are harmless to the human body. It has a wide range of applications and can meet the printing needs of various industries, such as children's silicone toys, watch straps, remote control buttons, silicone table mats and other products can be printed.

At present, the personalized application of the silicone products industry is still expanding. Even if the market has opened up in recent years, Dayou Smart will continue to develop more UV printer silicone color printing application solutions, still maintaining a new force, and being able to quickly adapt to changes in the market situation. , Constantly innovating and upgrading products will become the key to future competition.

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