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How does UV printing on silicone products not fade?

In the development of UV flatbed printers today, we have managed 15 springs and autumns. In terms of models, there are 9060 1610 2513 2030 and other models to choose from. For special applications, we have glass panel coating-free processing applications and large plates For background wall applications, there are many solutions such as sand gold medal UV printing applications.

Today, Manager Liu of Dayou Intelligence brings a new application scheme to print on silicone products. Everyone knows that silica gel is a kind of surface with grease that is very difficult to handle. Traditional silk screen printing or color printing requires flame treatment to process silica gel. In fact, the principle is to destroy the grease on the surface of the silicone material, that is, to change the characteristics of the silicone. It can print without fading, but the process is troublesome and the cost is high. Secondly, the silica gel will not be very smooth after being damaged by the surface, and it will not have that color.

After UV printing, our newly developed silicone coating and special UV ink for silicone can achieve the ideal silicone color printing effect without the flame treatment process of the silicone surface.

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