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Depth analysis of the winter why the nozzle easy plug? Breakdown reasons and solutions

(1) ink quality, but off, resulting in nozzle plug.
This is the most serious problem of ink quality (generally, there is no original ink provided by the UV printer manufacturer). Ink plugs cause the plug to be blocked directly after the assembly. The plug factor is a parameter that is directly related to the particle size of the pigment in the ink. If the plug factor is larger, the particle size is also larger. The use of plug larger ink, the short term may not find the problem, but as usage increases, the filter will gradually be blocked, causing the ink pump damage, and even some large particles will be through the filter, causing Moment of permanent plug, head caused serious damage.
Solution: Replace the ink of good quality (it is recommended to use regular manufacturers whose particle diameter is less than 1 micron).
(2) the rapid changes in temperature and humidity on the nozzle and ink
UV flatbed at the factory when the various UV printers manufacturers have a specific temperature and humidity of the equipment used in the environment limited, why there is such a limitation? Because the stability of the ink determines the use of UV flatbed nozzles, and ink The stability of the ink is determined by the viscosity, surface tension, volatility, liquidity and other factors, and direct impact on these indicators is not entirely determined by the production process, storage and use of the environment temperature and humidity are also normal ink Use has played a decisive role. If the temperature is too high or too low, the viscosity of the ink will drop or increase a lot, thus breaking the original state of the ink. Resulting in the process of Penhua often disconnected even spray out of the picture and so on. On the other hand, if the ambient humidity is too low and the temperature is relatively high, the volatility of the ink will increase, and the ink will easily dry and solidify on the surface of the showerhead, affecting the normal operation of the showerhead. If the humidity is too high, ink may accumulate around the nozzle hole will affect the nozzle work, and the picture is not easy to dry. Therefore, we must pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity. The requirements of the nozzle on the humidity is more subtle, small ink nozzle ink chamber, the ink is siphon phenomenon to complete the ink process, so the rapid changes in external temperature is very easy to break the original balance, because the nozzle in the work When a certain amount of heat will be generated, the ink at this temperature to maintain the balance and stability, then if the climate change according to emergency, such as sudden cooling or warming, when the room without thermostat, then the impact of the nozzle appeared , The ink suddenly can not be used, the nozzle can not work, the same ink can not be used with the same batch.
The solution is to control the temperature so that the temperature changes in the production workshop in a day do not exceed 3-5 degrees. Industrial Ricoh or Toshiba nozzle by the environmental impact of small, but Epson nozzle affected by the environment is relatively large, it is recommended to balance the ambient temperature, the use of humidifiers to balance the humidity in the air to prevent flying ink.
(3) the impact of nozzle voltage on the nozzle
The voltage of the nozzle, because the level of the nozzle voltage can determine the curvature of the nozzle internal piezoelectric, which can also increase the high voltage ink jet. The nozzle voltage is recommended not more than 35V is appropriate, without affecting the quality of the premise of the next The lower the better.Practice has proved that the voltage exceeds 32V may experience frequent nozzle ink off, reduce the service life of the situation said that the high voltage piezoelectric ceramics will make the curvature of the increase, if they are in high-frequency oscillation State, then the piezo crystal inside the nozzle is very easy to fatigue and damage breakage, and too low nozzle voltage will affect the saturation of the screen.So 28V-32V between the nozzle voltage is more appropriate.
Different brands of UV printer nozzle voltage varies, and different voltage on the ink viscosity requirements vary, the nozzle voltage is high, the viscosity of the ink is also high, low nozzle ink viscosity requirements are low, both into direct ratio.
A, high nozzle voltage and low viscosity ink, it will cause too much inkjet, too fast speed, the ink dot reflected at the bottom of the nozzle to form ink droplets clogging the nozzle, there will be burrs and floating ink phenomenon.
B, if the nozzle voltage is low and the ink viscosity is high, there will be no jet ink, uneven color, not full and so on.
Solution: Replace the appropriate ink or lower the voltage
(4) the impact of static electricity on equipment and ink
This problem is often unnoticed.Piezoelectric nozzle in the printing process due to the printing substrate and the roller friction generated a lot of static electricity, if not excluded, can easily affect the nozzle of the normal work.If the drop enough to receive Electrostatic effect and deviate from its trajectory caused by the phenomenon of floating on the screen and flying ink.If the electrostatic is too large may damage the nozzle, and the computer equipment under the influence of higher static prone to garbled and crashing, or even burn the machine Circuit board phenomenon, so take the correct and effective measures to exclude static electricity generated by the device is extremely important. Buried ground is a good way to eliminate static electricity.
UV flat machine ground strictly speaking should not be connected to the public ground, because you do not know the entire power supply network there are no other large equipment will produce static electricity.According to past experience, should be based on the standard of each printing equipment The only way to embed the ground wire is to place the copper plate with the area of not less than 0.5 square meter on the copper wire and the equipment correctly and then embed it into the pre-dug water with the depth below 1.8M and pour the salt water. After running the equipment for more than 1 hour, measure the residual electrostatic value of the equipment. The measurement method is to adjust the multimeter to AC 200, connect the measuring hand with the neutral wire and earth wire of 220V stable power input, read the value. The absolute value of this value is the equipment Residual static value. This value is less than 1 ohm is appropriate. And to be measured regularly, if the value is found to be greater than 1 ohm or large fluctuations, should immediately check the ground.
(5) the impact of cleaning methods on the nozzle
Spray a layer of film on the surface of the nozzle, this layer of laser drilling on the film determines the accuracy of the nozzle.Strictly speaking, this layer of membrane can only be a special material wipe contact with.But most inkjet companies are now using a sponge Sign and the nozzle wipe cloth (non-woven) wipe the goods such as cleaning the nozzle sponge sign is relatively soft, but if used improperly also damage the nozzle surface, such as excessive force or sponge damage, resulting sponge stick inside the hard hit The nozzle will cause scratches on the surface of the nozzle and may even injure the nozzle hole. The fine burr on the edge of the nozzle hole will affect the direction of the ink jet, resulting in the phenomenon that the discharged ink droplets accumulate on the nozzle surface. This phenomenon is easily confused with the nozzle blockage. Now available on the market mostly non-woven wipes, the material is relatively rough, wipe the nozzle with it, for easy to wear the nozzle is very dangerous.We recommend that you use a dedicated nozzle wipe the paper.
(6) the impact of work habits on the nozzle
Sprinklers fear the most is dry as long as you think of ways do not let the nozzle dry. A good way to protect the nozzle is not plugging. Poor use of ink is mainly manifested in poor ink, paste head (manifested in the picture to find the V-shaped). Dark gray color, fast fading and so on
(7), the ink viscosity is too high
Ink viscosity is too high will cause the ink sticking in the ink tube, resulting in insufficient ink supply, inkjet insufficient, color fault. Especially in winter, the temperature is low, this phenomenon is more prominent.
Solution: Increase the indoor temperature (such as open air conditioners, dryers, electric heaters, etc.) to reduce the viscosity of the ink. Or use a lower viscosity ink.
(8) Ink viscosity is too low
Ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too dilute, inkjet speed is fast, the ink sprayed onto the lamp will be reflected back to the nozzle, causing the ink stagnant in the nozzle, resulting in nozzle blockage. Spray the same color for a long time this phenomenon is more prominent.
Solution: stick with a professional cotton sticky cleaning fluid scrub nozzle. To completely solve this problem will need to replace the high viscosity ink.
UV flatbed printer nozzle is actually not as legendary so delicate, as long as the maintenance is good, in accordance with the above method to find the root cause of the problem, usually pay attention to the details of the use of the machine process, basically the nozzle can be used for about 5 years, Toshiba nozzle now manufacturers Launched two years warranty service, relative to other industrial nozzle, the use of more cost-effective. More questions welcome Shenzhen UV flatbed printer manufacturers, all imported parts, service options diversification. Problem solving hotline Liu Sheng 13691780915
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