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9060UV printer startup process

Dear customers, the printer starts the process first, first open the computer control software, and second, then turn on the printer. Third, the ink is discharged after the temperature has risen. Fourth, the print head status must be printed to see if the needle is broken. If it is normal, it can work. If the print head is abnormal, press the ink or clean it before working.

Compared with ordinary printing, "Shenzhen Dayou Intelligent Printing Equipment Co., Ltd." product advantages:
1. Printing from one piece, you no longer need to be afraid of the cost and time consumed by plate making, color registration and complicated drying process;
2. Multi-color, arbitrarily complex and transition colors, full-color images can be printed at one time;
3 The uneven surface of the printing surface is uneven, and the traditional printing is helpless-still add a new universal printer to help you get it!
4. The product is too thick. How to print is a headache! From today, rest assured, any item within 50 cm, just come on!
5. The screen printing color is single, the leather printing machine is expensive, and the heat transfer is destructive-then try the Xintianrun universal flatbed printer.
6, the alignment is not allowed to keep the traditional printing defective rate high, no way? Look at this series of universal printers.
6, do not pick materials, print any material, good compatibility.
7, professional color management software, you can change the color anytime, anywhere, without paying extra costs.
8. A variety of output software is available, supporting various file formats.
9, computer operation, only 30 minutes, you can grasp, between your fingers, Jiangshan is in front of you!

10. Don't forget, Toshiba's 9060uv series flatbed printers have low operating costs, helping you to greatly improve your competitiveness!

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