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Summer flatbed printer maintenance attention to the problem cylinder print nozzle how to maintain

What do you need to pay attention to when it comes to the maintenance of flatbed printers in summer? The summer temperature is relatively high, the motherboard and the lighting are relatively easy to heat in the use of the tablet machine, which has a certain impact on the life of the tablet finishing, so we recommend using the tablet in the summer to try to lower the temperature in the city, so that the life of the Ricoh flatbed printer is even more Well, cylindrical flatbed printers use only one-fourth of the nozzles in the process of printing cylinders, so other nozzles that are not used are more likely to be blocked because they are not used frequently, and because of the printing cylinders such as wine bottles, plus bottles Reflective reflection of light onto the surface of the nozzle is prone to blockage of the nozzle. Therefore, if you buy a 9060 cylindrical flatbed printer customer, the nozzle is not very smooth in the daily nozzle state detection, you can use the video method to clean the UV flatbed printer nozzle.

Needed tools are syringes UV cleaning fluids, dust-free cloth, hoses, these

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