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Dayou Smart's new multifunctional UV printer 1212 is online

Shenzhen Dayou Intelligent Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a new 1200*1200MM printing format multifunctional UV flatbed printer. I believe many customers who have known about our classic model 9060UV printer are very well sold in many countries around the world. Split design, transportation Low cost, convenient for transportation in elevators and narrow spaces. Multi-layer platform design with adsorption platform can print flat materials and cylindrical materials, and can print materials within 0-50 cm. What about the design of our new 1212?

Our new multi-functional UV flatbed printer has a printing format of 1200*1200MM. As a result, most of the design adopts the classic design of 9060, but adopts a more solid slider guide rail design for the in and out movement of the platform, which can load up to 120KG. At the same time, the 1212 The multifunctional cylindrical UV printer has made more improvements on the printing cylinder, and we have added a 10 times magnification reducer on the motor for the printing cylinder fixture. In this way, the 9060 print cylinder has higher accuracy. The 1mm fine print is clearly visible.

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This is the 9060UV printer picture display

Detailed parameters of 1212 multifunctional cylindrical flatbed printer

Print size 1200mm*1200mm
Print color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V
Nozzle model Toshiba (CE4-5Pl)
Printing height 0-500mm

Printing mode flat and cylindrical printing
Printing weight Non-destructive accuracy weight 600KG
Printing accuracy 300DPI, 600DPI, 900DPI, 1200DPI, 2400DPI, etc.
Ink system Intelligent circulation and continuous supply system for secondary ink cartridges, which shortens the ink supply distance and makes the ink path more stable
Draft mode 15 square / hour
Production mode 9 square / hour
Quality mode 6 square / hour
Automatic cleaning system Fully automatic positive pressure cleaning
Lifting function Smart ink cart lifting
Ink Features Use environmentally friendly, beautiful color, high outdoor durability UV ink
Print head control software adjusts the temperature and voltage of the print head
Material handling ceramics, acrylic, wood, handicrafts, oil painting, glass, crystal, metal, leather, PVC, ABS, etc.
Curing system LED UV lamp curing system
Color control in line with international ICC standards, with curve and density adjustment functions
Image format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, EPS, PDF, etc.
Power requirements AC220/110±10 50HZ~60HZ, P 1100W
Interface mode: high-speed USB3.0 transmission interface
Operating environment temperature 20-28 degrees relative humidity 40%~60%
Nozzle protection Intelligent touch detection automatic protection system
Equipment size 2200*1420*1300mm

Printing method of 1212UV printer:

1. Simple printing steps
2. Very suitable for printing pictures that require color transition
3. Suitable for professional applications in more uncommon industries
4. Suitable for printing with multiple materials
5. Realistic printing effect. The printer uses economical and high-quality quick-drying ink, which saves customers' operating costs.
6. The quality is stable and no additional maintenance is required. The precise design prevents the print head from clogging. The precise distance between the printing platform and the print head can be adjusted flexibly to make printing more accurate.
7. The flat color printing machine is easy to operate. It is basically the same as the general color printing machine, and it can be learned after half a day of instruction, which is extremely simple.
8. Small footprint
9. The machine is small and light, suitable for pattern making and small batch production, especially suitable for individual customization.
10. Small investment, high value-added profit and income. Simple operation and easy completion of high-efficiency printing orders. The best solution for digital printing shops to increase business scope and improve market competitiveness.
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