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What ink is better for Toshiba industrial nozzles? Toshiba nozzle warranty for two years

What ink is better for Toshiba industrial nozzles? There are many domestic ink manufacturers and foreign ink manufacturers on the market, but a better ink for the nozzle is indirectly saving the user's cost of use. At present, Toshiba nozzles recommend Taiwan Toshiba THV series ink, Taiwan Dong Zhou Chemical Co., Ltd. At present, one of the world's largest ink manufacturers can control the quality of inks specially developed for different nozzles. Toshiba THV series inks have a special color management curve to achieve perfect color output, followed by Toshiba nozzle domestic agents to promote the nozzle warranty. The problem.

The picture is provided by our company's commonly used Toshiba nozzle UV ink, imported from Taiwan, to achieve the nozzle warranty for two years.
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