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Toshiba UV flatbed printer chooses single head monochrome or single head double color is better

On the evening of September 2, 2019, Dayou Smart Printed Xiaobian brought you Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printer. In the nozzle, you can choose single-head monochrome or single-headed two-color to give you professional analysis. First, choose according to the recording format. Toshiba UV flatbed printer in the color combination analysis of the nozzle because the nozzle is a dual channel, separate and separate, can randomly produce one color or two colors for a nozzle, in the configuration of the model, generally large format models such as 1610 2513 2030 All are equipped with a single-head monochrome configuration, which is a color of one nozzle. The standard configuration is 4+2 for a total of six Toshiba nozzles. The main reason is that the larger the format, the higher the speed required by the user, the single-head monochrome nozzle The higher the number, the faster the speed must be to meet the speed requirements. If the large-format model uses a single-head, two-color configuration, the speed of the X-axis and the Y-axis must be adjusted slowly, so it is a bit uncoordinated.

So what type of single-headed two-color is generally used on? From the current model of Dayou Smart Printing, basically, the single-head two-color configuration models have two small sizes of 9060 and 1610, because the printing format is relatively small, and the customer is mainly used for personalization. Then the combination of single-head and two-color methods requires less color registration, and the higher the accuracy, the more suitable for individual customization to meet the accuracy requirements.

In short, Toshiba UV flatbed printers choose single-head monochrome or single-head two-color in the color combination of the nozzles, which are mainly distinguished according to the format of the tablet.


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