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What is the difference between imported ink and domestic ink? Ink selection

Ink colors: C, M, Y, K, W,
C stands for cyan
M for magenta
Y is yellow
K, for black

W stands for

whiteThe purity of UV ink is high, and the relative impurity is also biased, which is important for the quality of printing and protection of sprinkler head and ink road. Most UV ink brands are in various forms. There is also domestic UV ink for imported ink. If the ink has strong weather resistance, it has outstanding performance in high temperature and low temperature resistance. UV ink to print out the color of the vividness and the life of the nozzle plays a key role, the effect of import UV ink printed full, bright colors, excessive nature, fluency is very good, uniform particles, basic is the nozzle will not cause congestion. And domestic UV ink is cheap, sometimes can appear chromatic aberration problem, even the north and south climate can not be very good compatibility, can cause the situation such as sprinkler head.

How to distinguish between domestic and imported ink?
1. Observe the color of UV ink
UV ink is very sensitive to ultraviolet light. If it continues to be exposed to UV light, UV ink will continue to react and turn yellow, which is the defect of UV ink itself.
2. The smell of UV ink
This is a fundamental improvement to the difficulty, mainly cost and the choice of suitable materials.
3. Analyze the quality of UV ink from residual solvent
Under normal circumstances, residual solvent content is below 2%, but a lot of suppliers to reduce the cost of UV ink, add a large amount of solvent, such as alcohol and toluene, the highest can reach 25%, so the UV ink color and have a direct impact on particle index.
4. Impurities of UV ink
In addition to the cost problem, there is also the issue of the ink impurities, which is what we often say is the ink is not good, stop the head! Why the plug? It's because the ink is added to the impurities! It's also about ink! But whether it's domestic or imported, you can pour the ink to the transparent jar, rest for five days again how much ink in the bottom of the pot to precipitate material, thick thick, not more than 3/1 if the thickness of the precipitation has proved that this kind of ink cannot be used, if precipitation 10/1, ink can be used, after a fashion, but be used with the machine, if precipitation almost no, don't have to consider, it is a good ink.

What is the difference between imported UV ink and domestic UV ink?
1. The ink
The imported UV ink particles are relatively small, and the printed ink dots are relatively thin, while the ink spots of domestic UV ink are thicker
2. Color
Imported UV ink color is full, color is relatively bright, domestic UV ink because of more additive, so the color is relatively hard. For example, dark blue, four-color black, red blood, imitation gold.
3. The adhesion
Objectively speaking, China imported UV ink and UV ink to print color, in the same kind of material in the best case tests the imported ink slightly stronger, especially on the acrylic material printing effect is more apparent, because homebred yakeli each manufacturer, use different types of filling materials caused by adhesion also have different, some manufacturers do acrylic density, the higher the more smooth, UV ink is not easy, some customers are unknown so other people will ask why yakeli not top layer can be very strong, why can't I? Even the sale of UV ink is not clear, which is in fact different from the material of the factory.
4. The ICC curve
The combination of the curve and UV ink is also the most important. Whether it is domestic or imported UV ink, it is useless without corresponding curve matching
Import and domestic UV ink

Now most Chinese people use domestic UV ink is more, after all, want to consider cost, import UV ink though a little bit better, but in the case of large dosage too much for a lot of people is, competition is intense, low cost high profits is the mother of all the problems faced by domestic manufacturers, suggested that you should try to choose high quality when using home-made ink, after all these years the development of Chinese ink and gradually stability and imported ink levels.

That is some common import UV ink and domestic product features in detail analysis of UV ink, if want to know more UV ink related detailed information, but the message consulting, hope my detailed analysis can help you.

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