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Children's toy printing UV flatbed printer toy digital printing application program

As children are new to toys, they will not be too old. Toy manufacturers continue to develop novelty toys to gain the love of children, and only by innovation can they be invincible in the fierce market competition. How do toy manufacturers have a unique approach and have a place in this highly competitive market? The development of inkjet printing technology can help manufacturers solve problems effectively.

In addition to printing on soft materials, UV printing technology can also print on high quality media up to a few centimeters thick. UV printers were originally designed for digital inkjet printing in the industrial inkjet market. They can be digitally inkjet printed on hard materials. The production methods and features have extremely high value for toy surface painting decoration.

Advantages of UV machine printing toys:
1. No need for plate making, fast printing and low cost. Various output software can be used to support various file formats.
2, fast curing, no volatile organic compounds, green production process;
3, one step to complete, that is, ready to print, to meet the needs of quick samples and finished products.
4, the picture is directly transmitted to the machine through the computer to print on the medium, the most authentic to restore the decorative picture effect.
5, computer operation, no personnel dependence, large upgrade space.

Can print all kinds of metal, glass, ceramic, acrylic, crystal, PVC products, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, leather and other materials of toys. Complete in one step, print and take. Meet the needs of rapid production of finished products, and low cost.
Since Dayou Smart Toshiba UV flatbed printer is still mainly used in the industrial inkjet market, it is necessary to professionally improve the UV printing equipment according to the actual toy production characteristics. The new toy surface decoration form brought by the UV printer can be used well in the toy design. Because the toy is different from the ordinary plate, the toy is uneven and the drop is relatively large, so the nozzle inkjet height requirement is required. Relatively high, the toy UV printer is also called high-spray UV flatbed printer. It realizes high-spray precision UV printing through toy-specific UV ink and board voltage adjustment and head movement parameter adjustment, which will definitely broaden the toy market, let us wait and see

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